Of Women, By Women Art Exhibition: Q &A with Wendy Horwitz

OF WOMEN, BY WOMEN is a thematic group exhibition that features original artwork by 18 contemporary women artists, whose art can be seen in public spaces throughout New York City and around the world. Their mode of expression is the compelling theme that connects these artists. Whether street art or fine art, their narratives embody a deeply personal and fundamentally female perspective. To learn more about this fabulous exhibition, I sat down with the curator of the show, Wendy Horwitz.

Please tell me about your background and how did you get involved with the Store Front Project? 
I am a street art photographer (Instagram @love.from.nyc).  When I was putting together this group exhibition, I sought out different galleries that I thought could be the right fit for this show.  The Storefront Project was the perfect fit!  It is a beautiful gallery that nicely displays the art, and it is owned by a woman so that was the clincher for me.

How did you find all these extraordinary artists?
I put together a list of artists I knew through social media. I contacted each artist and explained the concept of the show. Within 48 hours they all said yes, they wanted to participate. Their enthusiastic responses made me realize I had something special here.

What is something unique about this show you could tell me?
This exhibition has 18 women street artists. Yet the art in this show is different than the pieces they put on the street.  In this exhibition you will see original contemporary art in a gallery setting.  And, all art is for sale.

Are there any particular pieces you don’t want to miss?
It is a very diverse collection and every piece is unique because each artist tells a different story through their art.

Anything else you would like our readers to know?
The unique stories of these artists are shared with the public through provocative and impactful imagery that sparks curiosity, promotes activism, provides inspiration, and makes people smile. OF WOMEN, BY WOMEN shines a light on this unifying theme, and celebrates the diversity, authenticity and uncompromising approach these artists bring to their visual storytelling.

Of Women By Women is currently at The Store Front Project located at 70 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side from 1-7 pm through Sunday 12/22.

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