OKU Merges Technology with Beauty For A Radiant Complexion: Get your OKU now and save during this limited time offer


A healthy and youthful complexion are just a scan away with your iPhone.

Everyone knows that beauty comes from within, including our diet which is a big factor for clear eyes, shiny hair and a flawless face. Recently technology has made huge advances in the health and beauty industries. OKU by mySkin is the world’s first iPhone anti-aging device and app. It’s a brand new skin health sensor that monitors the epidermis and translates the information to your iPhone to detect exactly what your skin is lacking and needs and gives you the perfect routine for your skin’s wellness. The scan takes a trans-dermal image below the surface; the technology derives from spectroscopy, dermoscopy and nanotechnology: Then the OKU device analyzes texture, firmness, wrinkles, pigmentation, moisture and oiliness. The outcome gives you easy to understand information for a more healthy and vibrant appearance and is super simple to use at home or while traveling.

Here is how it works:

OKU records a trans-dermal image with the data received and determines the fundamental elements of your lifestyle, aging and diet that are currently affecting your skin. From there, it recommends the right types of products, diet and skincare regimen to improve your overall skin wellness. Your data will be evaluated in a system giving you a SkinScore and connects to Myskin.com. This site consists of over 60,000 members and coordinates users with similar ratings and skin types for the best solutions. It’s like having a daily personal trainer for your skin giving you accurate feedback and suggestions.

The convenient scan mechanism is small and easy to store at home or for travel. The technology has been researched and tested by a highly qualified team of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, scientists and engineers. This exciting device is ground breaking and transforming the beauty industry giving you the exact information you need to help keep your skin looking its very best.

Once you try OKU, you’ll be hooked. Knowing what to do to and what kind of products to use to keep skin at its healthiest and looking its best has never been simpler, or more accurate.

Order your OKU early and save $50.00.

The OKU device sells for $299., but you can order it for $249. during this early phase.

Additional bonus for early ordering:

The first ten people who preorder the OKU device will get a set of five eco- friendly makeup brushes, housed in a pretty clutch bag.

OKU will help you get perfect skin, these gift brushes will help you achieve the perfect makeup.

Beautiful and youthful skin is just a scan away.

Pre-order at $249 (reg. price at launch $299) and get more information at http://getoku.com

Watch the video:

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