One Elle of a Pedicure


The hostess with the mostest

You will be tickled pink with the marriage of Dashing Diva and Legally Blonde, the Musical. This summer the two glamour icons launched a limited edition, yummy, one “Elle of a Pedicure,” and held a positively divalicious event with the female cast of Legally Blonde.

The event, held at Dashing Diva’s Third Avenue location, featured about ten cast members from the musical judging a “Bend and Snap” competition. The move is featured in the show, and is just as it says: You bend over, then stand up, lean back and snap your fingers. Well, divas, it was a sight to behold. The crowd lined up to compete and ranged from little girls to thirty plus women. There was even a teenage boy. Many were decked out in pink attire to get in the mood.

“It seemed like a fun opportunity to dress up and to go crazy. Get pink!,” said one of the contestants, Lilly Day of New York City. All the contestants wore some shade of pink. Even the lone boy in the crowd wore a pale pink hat, shirt and tie.

The fun was capped off by a blonde (of course) drag queen dressed in a long hot pink sequined dress who served as the host and announced the names of the each competitor. The cast members sat in the circular pedicure station watching the contestants bend and snap their way to the finals.

The three finalists were a little girl, the teenage boy and a young woman. Guess who won? The little girl came in first, the young woman second and the boy was third. The winner received two tickets to Legally Blonde, an “Elle of a Pedicure,” and a gift bag. The runners up got a Dashing Diva pedicure gift certificate and/or a gift bag.

You absolutely must try the “Elle of a Pedicure,” available this summer until August 31. I have never had such a thoroughly enjoyable and meticulous pedicure, and as a certified diva myself, I have had my share of pedicures. Nothing beats the pink jelly footbath filled with Legally Pink Elixir containing Ylang-Ylang. Then your legs are treated to a heavenly Legally Pink Summer Scrub. By the time the cotton candy Delta-Nu Pink Masque is slathered on your legs you won’t be able to move. The foot massage is out of this world, and warm paraffin will make your feet like silk. It was positively …., well, you know what I mean girls.

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