One Moth I Wouldn’t Mind Chewing A Hole in My Cashmere


I think it’s pretty obvious that I use this column to highlight things I love – and the occasional thing I dislike. Today, I wish to tell you about two things I LOVE. One is a damn good event. Yes, I know we’ve been over this one before, but it never hurts to reiterate a strong point. The second is stories. Stories, ma cherie? Oui, stories – any type, really, as long as there’s some juice to it. A great urban myth, a “you’ll never believe your ears” piece of gossip, a tale of true romance gone awry (come on, you know you love those, too), a tale of a wry romance turned into true love…hey, we can swing both ways.

So, how am I going to magically combine these two loves into one item to share with you? Oh, oh, oh, I got it. (Shhhhhh, it was in my back pocket, but don’t give away my Houdini tricks). Heard of an organization called Moth? If you haven’t you might as well just smack yourself over the head right now.

The Moth is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1997 by poet and novelist George Dawes Green, who wanted to recreate evenings of yore (that he had while growing up in Georgia) where he would gather with others to tell amazing, phenomenal, and even unbelievable stories…only this time he wanted to do it in New York. He started by inviting a few friends over, but as word spread, The Moth quickly outgrew his living room and moved to Joe’s Pub, City Hall Restaurant, The American Museum of Natural History, BAM Cafe, The Players Club and various lounges in downtown Manhattan. Now it’s unstoppable; and they’re throwing the event of the season at Capitale on November 14th.

Stories will be told by Gay Talese and Lili Taylor, and….drum roll please….the ultimate StorySLAM showdown will be between Jonathan Ames and Andy Borowitz. Whoa-ho, AND there’s going to be live entertainment all night from The Sambo Novo Band featuring capoeira and Brazilian dancers. Mmmm, Brazilian dancers, yummy. There is a long list of very important names who are on the honorary benefit committee, and an even longer list of impressive names of former Moth storytellers. This is a big deal, kids, so…please…save yourself the pain of missing this big shindig and buy some tickets…or a table, even, if you’re feeling crazy.

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General admission tickets are $150, and the event will go from 8:00pm until 12:30am – you know an event is good when you don’t get home until the next day. What, general admission isn’t good enough for you, dahling? VIP tickets are $250, and VIP means you get to show up at 6:30pm and enjoy a very-important-persons cocktail hour and sit-down dinner, whereas the general admission folks only get a cocktail reception and light buffet. Rumor has it there are some tables available as well – hey big spender, speeeeeennnnnnnd a little time with…meeeeeeeee, da da da da da da…

To purchase tickets, please go to: [url=][/url]

For more information, call: 212-742-0551 or go to: [url=][/url]

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