Open up this treasure chest and put your wedding woes to rest:
The 5th Annual Wedding Salon: Part 1


Anthony Todd Table

For all the lucky ladies preparing for that long-awaited walk down the aisle, the months leading up to the fairytale ending can be stressful, confusing and tiring – adjectives that a bride-to-be should not even have to hear, let alone apply to herself. No wonder then that amongst the endless fittings, hundreds of consultations, seemingly pointless diets and breathless gym sessions (that dress has got to fit!), not to mention the chaotic agenda consisting of meetings with florists, caterers, event planners, stationary designers, jewelers, dressmakers, wedding cake artistes (referring to them as bakers is the gravest faux pas), leaves the soon to be blushing bride struggling to stay afloat in the flood of wedding preparation. Sadly, many are simply overwhelmed into an acceptance of settling for something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue to start them on the way to happy matrimony.

So for all the ladies who believe that the future holds a gorgeous three, four or even five-tier cake with hand-piped marzipan icing and real, sugar-dipped roses in the softest pastel colors, whose stars predict freely flowing Veuve Clicquot against a backdrop of the soft tones of a string quartet, who are unwavering in the conviction that the day can, despite all odds, be flawless from start to finish, The 5th Annual Wedding Salon was just the ticket. Held in April at Gotham Hall, this bridal event showcased the crème de la crème of everything wedding-related under one beautifully elegant roof. As many of the future brides remarked upon passing through the velvet rope and being ushered into the hallowed interior by polished types in full evening dress, it certainly was worth the wait (the line snaked out the door and around the block at any given time, much to the amusement of curious tourists expecting only the usual Broadway scene).

Inside the hall, attendees were free to stroll around the many exhibitors; future brides were greeted at each stand with effusive politeness, invaluable advice and in most cases, a sampling of the products offered – a delicate rose from a leading florist, a CD from a dance school, a satin bag of custom M&Ms, and even an adorable wooden spatula for those sporadic Martha Stewart moments. From event designer to the stars David Tutera, to Fabulous Florals by Michael George (favored by Calvin Klein and Vera Wang), from Mona Lisa Bakery and Cakes by Jay to Pacific Holidays, The Resort at Pelican Hill and The Cayman Islands, not to mention the unique and perennially chic Bernard Maisner Calligraphy & Fine Stationary and the refreshingly vintage-inspired Willow Designs, everyone who is anyone in the industry was there, offering visitors the chance to experience and choose from amongst the epitomes of nuptial elegance and perfection. As Mary-Ellen, a flawlessly attired bride-to-be remarked, visiting the bridal salon was a necessity for developing ideas and aesthetic concepts for her own ceremony next May. Like many others, she too wants a wedding that is unique and memorable, but one that upholds certain traditional values and customs; everyone wants individuality in a recognizable, stylish package – nothing too shocking, but just innovate enough to dominate the whisperings on the social scene in the weeks following the wedding.

Look for more about The Wedding Salon in Part II next week…

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