Open up this treasure chest and put your wedding woes to rest:
The 5th Annual Wedding Salon: Part 2

wedding_salon.jpg Continued from last week’s Part 1…

As if such an abundance of wedding aid was not enough, guests at The Wedding Salon had the chance to literally visualize their receptions. Arranged in an enclosed ‘island’ in the center of the hall, modish round tables proudly displayed the craftsmanship and overall style of several event planners, florists and caterers, with beautifully realized dinner placements and settings vying for attention. Also in the middle of the room, a techno dance floor added a touch of the carefree and wild, balancing the refinement of the adjacent Hpnotiq “Bubbles & Blue” cocktail bar serving intriguingly blue Martini and champagne creations.

Smartly-dressed waiters wove their way through the crowd, laden with silver trays of the most exquisite hors-d’oeuvres (mini cones of what resembled gourmet ice cream, but turned out to be melted goats’ cheese – merely a momentary disappointment, for the savory bites were beyond heavenly; tiny burgers, complete with a spoonful of aioli each; half-bite-sized chocolate cupcakes with the softest frosting imaginable; and of course the array of chocolates and truffles, some of them being prepared fresh on the premises, sending intoxicating wafts of pure indulgence around the room).

For those looking for their fashion fix, the dazzling white, $100,000 wedding gown being modeled in the mock ceremony area was enough to inspire hours of jewel-encrusted reveries – not to mention feverish mental calculations of which other family heirloom could possibly be sold to finance this newest nuptial must-have. Indeed, financial considerations became but a distant memory, as guests perused the tantalizingly glimmering wedding jewelry on offer from famed jewelers H. Stern and Hollywood favorites Million Dollar Wedding Band and Celebrity Wedding Jewelry. If merely looking at the various options for self-adornment were not enough, brides-to-be were given complimentary beauty treatments, professional insider make-up and hair tips, and of course the all-important gift bag – a hefty parcel valued at $500, and containing everything from gift certificates to Hollywood Tape, from nifty strapless g-strings to luxurious items from Essie, Vincent Longo, Bloomingdale’s and Zensation Beaute, just to name a few.

After experiencing the all-inclusive, polished excess of The Wedding Salon, some may feel that such an abundance of luxury and perfection is somewhat superficial – a magnificent yet rather hollow display. Yet The Wedding Salon is more than your average celebration of all that sparkles and shines; this event helped benefit Brides Against Breast Cancer, an affiliate of Making Memories whose campaign aims to raise money by endowing wedding gowns with a more profound purpose. And so after an excitement-fuelled, altruistic and inspirational afternoon spent exploring the endless possibilities of a truly exclusive wedding, brides-to-be (and a few rather harassed looking, dashing young suitors struggling with overflowing gift bags) could rest assured that with a little help from the industry’s best, a fairytale ending is possible after all.

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