Pari-GO – [Fine French Dining at Parigot]


Since bidding adieu to Paris last fall, I’ve been pining for that perfect French bistro to make my standby. I happen to live in a city that offers more restaurants than I could sample in my lifetime, where I can score sushi at 2 a.m. or sample Indonesian-Japanese fusion down the block, or even in Soho, where “unpretentious bistros” are like moths to a flame. I thought I would never find what I was looking for…until…


Much love to Parigot and its lovely owners, Michel and Catherine, who have created a hidden gem that conjures up my love for the City of Lights and its fabulous fare.
Typical bistro tables close enough to hear our neighbors’ sweet nothings, nestled in a space that spills with charm. You won’t find a $50 foie gras burger (merci) or a waiting list booked months in advance (yet…). What you will discover is deliciously crafted French fare that’s simple and perfect, just like a bistro should be. We sampled the traditional favorites – snails nestled in a crock with butter and garlic, an oxtail terrine loaded with rich and delicious flavors, tuna tartare, simple but bursting with fresh lime and ginger.

Michel’s version of a crab cake that was maybe the most “fancy” of all with generous lumps of crab perfectly packaged in a buttery, flaky crust was a melt-on-your tongue dish. The lamb with spring veggies was nothing short of some of the best lamb I’ve had to date; this entrée should be year-round and easily serve as a wintertime comfort stew. The wine menu is noteworthy, chosen to enhance the menu, but not overdone, much like everything else at Parigot. It’s refreshing to find that boite where the food is the focus and where the owners greet you like their family. Somehow, by not trying so hard, Parigot manages to cook up some of the most impressive bistro fare that I’ve had in the city.

155 Grand Street (corner of Lafayette)
New York, NY 10013

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