Pets On Parade at Pier 84



Attention NYC pet owners: Do you have more pets than the heiress that’s talked about ad nauseam or a millionaire doggie (“The Queen of Mean” willed her pooch 12 mil…that caregiver is truly a lucky dog)? Do you feel your pet babies have more glamour and style in their little paws than Hilton’s or Helmsley’s? If you answer is yes, then bathe, groom, train and stuff your furry ankle bitters and leg snugglers into their designer carriers and head over to the Pier 84 Pet Parade, sponsored by the West 44th Street Better Block Association/Friends of Pier 84, Friends of Hudson River Park and Spoiled Brats.

Expect your little – or big bundle of pet joy to make its red carpet debut. Man’s best friends (that includes cats) will be judged for Most Obedient Pet, Best Pet Trick, Wackiest Pet Trick, Most Exotic Pet, Pet/Owner Look-alike, Best Dressed Pet and Funniest Looking Pet. If they measure up, they will snag animal or owner friendly prizes (I know you owners would love cash, but don’t hold your breath).


The Friends of Pier 84/West 44th Street Block Association was created in the mid-90’s to advocate for Pier 84. Its original renovation plans only provided 50% of public space and the other for commercial use, which would have limited public access to the river. Thanks to “Friends” the pier was completed in October 2006 displaying the results of community involvement and input. Pier 84 is the longest park pier with lovely gardens, children’s playground and other amenities. Even if you are not a big fan of pets (I love pets but have to stay away because I may experience sudden death by allergies) you should head on over to enjoy the Pier. The Pet Parade is one in a series of community events and celebrations on Pier 84, to get the neighborhood in the park to experience all it has to offer and to create future advocates for Hudson River Park.

What: Pier 84 Pet Parade
When: Saturday, October 13, 2007 (Rain date: Sunday, October 14, 2007)
Where: Hudson River Park – Pier 84 (44th Street & the Hudson River)
Why: Your pet is better than their pet!

To learn more about Friends of Hudson River Park and/or Pet Parade event call 212-757-0981 x205, to view calendar of upcoming events, go to

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