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Is your décolletage failing the firm and gloriously uplifted test? Lips looking a little on the thin and dry side, lashes skimpy and uninspired, or wrinkles peeking through to scare you? Then may we suggest Rider. Cosmetics, a safe and natural alternative to surgery or chemical bombing. Rider. was born in Australia, but its products are made in the U.S. (and not tested on animals), and it seems our friends from down under know quite a thing or two about harnessing Mother Nature’s gifts to wrangle up a stampede of admirers.

Start with your lips: Exhibit A in your plan for seduction. Rider.’s Instant Lip Plumper lives up to its name and promise by hydrating and delivering microspheres that fill in and plump up the fine lines and creases on your lips. It contains jojoba seed oil, squalane (olive) and tocopherol for a beneficial boost as well. The result is smooth, come-here-and-kiss-me lips.

If your décolletage needs a boost, then look a cup size fuller in two weeks with Rider.’s Breast Enhancer to fill, firm, and uplift for maximum bewitching power. This contains a nourishing blend of geranium flower oil, macadamia seed oil, hibiscus seed oil and breast-boosting ingredients that will leave you (and others) admiring your silhouette. Avoid breast surgery and let nature offer you the lift you’ve always wanted.

Rider. also offers a Lash Builder with Peptide to increase volume 50% within a month – though individual results will vary – and to naturally promote hair regeneration. Who doesn’t need this in the beauty arsenal? Other Rider. offerings include the Instant Wrinkle Eraser with Peptides to disguise and smooth fine lines and unseemly wrinkles, the Multi-Peptide Serum with a unique blend of peptides to encourage cell proliferation, restore the skin’s elasticity, prevent wrinkles, and smooth the complexion, and Hyaluronic Moisturiser to deeply hydrate the skin and enhance the overall skin tone for a more youthful appearance overall. Just for your beauty files: hyaluronic acid is a significant component of the skin’s cellular matrix and a naturally-occurring compound, and it’s important for cell regeneration, skin thickness and tissue hydration. So this is a sapient beauty investment.

Peruse the various products and read about Rider’.s founder and the company’s vision at Order up a batch of these enhancing products with integrity for your Cupid’s quiver.

This article was sponsored by Rider. Cosmetics

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