Pray For Paris: How You Can Get In Touch with Loved Ones and Find a Safe Place


Here’s a listing of Embassies in Paris, how you can call for free, Facebook Safety Checks and Twitter Hashtags to aid you in finding a safe place.

My heart is heavy and my eyes are full of tears. Paris, Parisians and tourists my thoughts and prayers are with you throughout this horrific event. To my international, French and US readers, if any of your friends or family are in Paris, here are ways you can contact them.

Facebook is utilizing its Safety Check feature as way for people to find out how their loved ones are doing and where they are. Click here to get started using it.

Stranded? Use the hashtag #PorteOuverteFR people are offering shelter for those who feel they are at risk or are stranded.

If you’re alone and frightened, please use the hashtag #MeetParisians. As there are French people who are waiting with open arms to help you feel safe. Meet them, have a coffee and talk. Tweeps are using the hashtag to organize meals, meetings and food for fellow travelers.

Google Mobile Hangouts
No fees to call via Google Mobile hangouts to get in touch.
Android –
iOS –


You can access a listing of Embassies in Paris here.

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