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Um, can I first just say that I absolutely LOVE using cheesy cat cliche when referring to or writing about our loveable feline friends? I mean, everyone does it or has done it at least once, and…it never gets old. Oh, the humor in conformity!

You may have guessed that one of the three delectable treats I have for you today involves putty-tats. If you did…you guessed wrong, peepie deeps! Well, not 100% wrong, but wrong enough to allow me to be able to tell you it was wrong. Ever heard of a company called Cat Studio? Well, I have and thought it was fantastic enough to share it with you.
[/center] Cat Studio produces hand-embroidered geography pillows that are so fantastic they make me want to drool … like a cat … oh, wait…Now you say, “Erika, what’s a geography pillow?” Fabulous question, reader, and thank you for asking.

The Cat Studio folks have a select number of countries, regions, states, cities, and parks that they hand embroider on to square pillows. These aren’t small pillows either, these are snuggle up and get comfy on the couch sized square pillows. I don’t know about you, but…these pillows make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside while allowing us to show our pride or braggadocio about a particular locale. Such examples would be:

“I’m a born and raised Angeleno, so I totally have to have the Los Angeles pillow.” “Well, I was born and raised in Hollywood, so I totally need to have the Hollywood pillow.” “Well, I’m better than both of you because I was born and raised in New York, so I need to have the New York pillow…”

This is the part where all of the Angeleno’s start kicking and screaming, and the New Yorker’s start “wha? Oh, yous gots a problem” “…oh, wait, I’m sorry. These pillows are not supposed to ignite bicoastal warfare. Let’s all party like it’s 1999, and get pillows for every which place we love and hold dear. I mean, guys, even Canada’s got a pillow – you know it’s a party when our neighbor’s to the North are invited.
[/center] Ladies and gents, this only gets better. Cat Studio also makes their geography designs on glasses and dishtowels. Nothing beats a set of hometown pride kitchen glasses and dishtowels. Can I get a hells yeah for 818! STOP THE SNICKERING.


El topico numero two is a quick little something something that I just KNOW you’ll all LOVE, so I’m going to throw it in. Tia Williams, former editor at Glamour, Lucky, and Elle to name a few, is going to be co-hosting a new radio show on Sirius Radio that launches today. The show is on CosmoRadio (as in Cosmopolitan, gals), and it’s going to be FABOO. She and her co-host, Taylor Strecker, are going to be gabbing about beauty, love, relationships and men. Everything and anything under the Cosmo sun. Check it out, I know you’ll enjoy it.


Now on to a more serious topic. Not to be repetitive or anything, but…I love wine. I love it, I love it, I love it. I know, I know, BORING, stop being captain obvious protector of the known by telling you, my readers that I love wine.
[/center] Well, this time it has a purpose my friends. Because, guess what else I love? Fun segues, that’s right. Ever heard of a little teeny weeny non-profit called Make-A-Wish Foundation? Yeah, thought so. But, in case you’ve been living in a black hole, voided from all contact with the outside human world, Make-A-Wish Foundation helps make the dreams of children who have life threatening illnesses dreams come true. It’s a beautiful organization that every single person should pay attention to – I’m sorry for ending on the preposition, but it had to be done.

What you might not have known is that each region has its own Make-A-Wish chapter …which would make ours the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. Well, they are having a spectacular fundraiser on Wednesday, March 15th that involves…oh here it comes, kids…WINE! See, I leave no loose ends party peoples…I like to keep it all together in a comprehensive ball of fab.

The event is called Wine & Wishes and is being hosted by CD101.9 FM and The Charmer Sunbelt Group. It’s not easy playing host at a party, but they’re going to do it perfectly and graciously I know it. Wine & Wishes is the third annual wine tasting event and auction to raise money for, you guessed it, the Make-A-Wish foundation. Just to give you a clue of how important this event is, the event raised over $500,000 in its first two years, which was enough to fund the unique experiences for 71 children. That’s an average of $7,000 per wish. And although that money did go to help a lot of children, a lot more children need it to, which is why the event is coming back for its third year.

Attendees at the event will get to sample from hundreds of delicioso vinos including gems from Palmer Vineyards (a personal and biased favorite…not because of relation, because I love the name), Boisset (creator of the French Rabbit I wrote about not too long ago), and Foster’s (who make two of my personal faves, Penfolds and Rosemount…mmmmm…..).

So, how much does the event cost? Well, no matter what, the dolares are going toward a good cause. If you want to be a big time sponsor, minimum sponsorship starts at $500 and goes to $20,000…of course these sponsorships come with lots of fun bells and whistles, not to mention a good portion of the cost is tax deductible. If you’re looking to just attend the event and not be a sponsor, tickets are $150 through the end of today, and then $200 at the door tomorrow.

Email or call Amy Epstein for more information about sponsorships or for tickets. She’s fabulous, and very very helpful.

Come out, get a little boozy, and help support an AMAZING cause and organization. Everybody wins here, kids, everybody wins…

Amy Epstein: 212-849-6993. [email protected].


[/center] This just in: I’ve just gotten word that www.Kiehls.com is extending an offer of free shipping on purchases over $30. Enter the code MARCH upon checkout. This is only going thru March 20th, so…stop procrastinating by doing your work and start online shopping!

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