Put the Petal to the Metal –
Unique Floral Finds for Spring on Spring (St.)


Images by Matt Verzola


So, it’s about time you pack up the winter duds and fixate on how you’re gonna look like a yummy spring chickadee. Aight, aight (rolling my eyes) – there’s prep involved. You can go ahead and slather that ‘energy glow’ body lotion to hide your Casper white self, coat on the lime green eye shadow that Sephora’s been schpeeling about, and adorn your hot bod with the gold and silver garb that the mags are saying you have to wear to be “in.” But how schnazzy do you really feel when your look is “cc’d” – (carbon copied)? You don’t wanna look like every other damn girl struttin the streets of the Big Apple, right? Whatever shall you do? Keep it simple. Work the accessories.


Here’s a seriously adorable and seasonally appropriate way to distinguish yourself from all the other fashion kitties – find the “Flower Lady” (a.k.a. Kristen) in SoHo and snag some of her unique floral arrangements to hook onto your lobes and hang ’round that swan neck of yours.

And when I say unique, I mean unique. According to Kristen, who was first inspired to fuse her artistry with Mother Nature when trekking through India, there are only three other people she knows of in the U.S. who does what she does.


Curious to know how she makes them? She picks the flowers, presses them, and then coats on a couple layers of resin. The result: vibrant ‘glassed’ jewelry that’s lightweight and durable.

Curious to know how many dolla dollas you gotta put out? Prices range from $20 to $60 for the earrings and $30 to $150 for the necklaces.

Some of her popular sellers: Dianthus (Sweet William), Scaevola (Fan Plant), Hydrangea, and Queen Anne’s lace.

How to find her: Now check it. She doesn’t have a website so surfin ain’t an option. Instead, you’ll have to take your heiny to SoHo to find her and her lovely creations. As long as the weather’s behaving, she’ll be on Spring Street between Crosby and Broadway on the weekends. And since it’s getting warmer, she’ll be making appearances on the weekdays around 10 am to 6 pm.

If you got questions for her or need to order some specific baubles, you can email her at: [email protected]. (Be patient, though – she doesn’t check her email every day)!

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