Re-Joyce! Parsons Dance in NYC: Now through Jan. 22nd at the Joyce Theater


Photo by Krista Bonura

Ready to be dazzled? Treat yourself to an evening enjoying Parsons Dance at the Joyce Theater in Chelsea, and I promise you’ll walk away delighted. Dance aficionados already know the excitement of watching this energetic and sexy troupe perform; those of you not familiar will fall in love with the company of nine talented dancers. Founded in 1987 by David Parsons and Howell Binkley, Parsons has created over 80 works for the company. Imaginative choreography just seems to flow from him like gold from a mine.

Photo by Krista Bonura

At the opening night performance I attended, the air was filled with energy and the audience was abuzz waiting for the curtain to rise. The first piece, the brand new Round My World set the tone. Six dancers mesmerized us with their fluidity, impeccable technique and energy. Another piece, Caught, is one male dancer alone on stage totally captivating our attention with his smooth movements and flawless dancing. The piece then goes on to another level of Wow as a strobe light is timed perfectly to his movements creating the illusion that his feet never touch the stage. We see him leaping, jumping and running though the air as if defying gravity because we only see him every other second when the strobe light is on. It’s an amazing and eye-popping visual collaboration between light and dancer which has to be executed to perfection in order for it to work. It works and it’s just damn perfect.

You owe it to yourself to start the New Year with an uplifting and simply awe-inspiring evening by experiencing this group of extraordinary dancers. The Joyce Theater isn’t large and even the least expensive seats are good. As I exited the theater, I heard people exclaiming words like “Wow”, “I loved this”, “Wasn’t that incredible?” and “I’m so glad you talked me into this”. Get yourself tickets; you can thank me after the show.

David Parsons at the Joyce Theater
175 Eighth Ave (at 19th Street)
Ticket prices from $10.00 – $59.00
212- 242- 0800

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