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Delightful though fashion week is, it might leave you with an impression that great style is reserved for the lucky few whose Amazonian frames strut down the runways. For reassurance that real, everyday people can also be unspeakably cool and stylish you need go no further than The Danziger Projects in Chelsea which is currently featuring The Sartorialist. The exhibit, sponsored by, features imagines from the eponymous blog.


Since 2005, The Sartorialist blog has been displaying photos of street fashion taken around the city, as well as in European capitals such as Paris, Stockholm, Beijing and Milan. Blog creator Scott Schuman notes that his intention is “to record how men and women with great style look when they venture out into the street.” The subjects featured are as diverse as the styles they showcase, ranging from youthful, east village hipsters, to genteel elderly matrons. The diversity of the subjects, and of their manner of dress, may account for some of the blog’s popularity – it offers something stylish for everyone of any age or taste to aspire to. True taste, after all, isn’t something reserved simply for the few. Or, for that matter, appreciated by the few.

With over 50,000 visitors to the blog each day, it’s little wonder that Schumann was named one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influences. The 40 prints being shown at The Danziger Projects offer fans of the blog – or anyone with an interest in fashion – the first chance to see the images in real life. So if you need any reminder that real people can be just as chic as runway models, you need only venture down to this inspired show. Wear your favorite outfit when you do though. There’s no telling when Scott Schuman might appear.

WHAT: The Sartorialist Exhibit
WHEN: Open through February 23, 2008
WHERE: The Danziger Projects Gallery, 521 W. 26th St., 212.629.6778

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