Red Baron Ink: High Quality Tattoos + Piercings

With summer on the horizon, invest in a high-quality, beautifully original, and safe tattoo at Red Baron Ink. Red Baron Ink is an ideal outlet for body piercings too, with two locations on both the east and west side of Manhattan.

For tattoos, a design is created the day of your tattoo, and sometimes the art will be drawn directly on you. RBI’s artists receive your input as they create your design and want to ensure that it flows well with your body and works for you. Absolutely nothing will be inked on you until you’re happy with the design, and tattooing is never rushed.

Red Baron Ink will only tattoo what they feel comfortable with, and know they can create to the best of their ability. They only tattoo what represents them as artists, and will no longer tattoo generic tattoos. They’re dedicated to creating one one-of-a-kind, thoroughly unique pieces.

To set up an appointment, RBI requires a small deposit of $75, which goes towards the final cost of the tattoo. RBI artists take the utmost care to provide you with the highest quality of work in a clean, safe, and relaxed setting. Red Baron Ink Tattoo is a fully disposable shop and all ink, needles, and materials used for each customer are thrown out after each session – and brand new supplies are used for each client. I can attest to the fact that traditional ear lobe piercings with Shannon Freed on the west side are almost painless, RBI’s stud options are truly lovely, and aftercare products are generously given to ensure success, along with info on proper after-care procedures.

New York State law requires that to be tattooed, you must be at least 18 years old, so take in a government issued photo ID. For info about pricing, visit: Also, all artists have different rates, so call or email to inquire.

A tattoo is a personal piece of artwork that you’ll ideally live with forever, day in and out, and it will speak for you – so incredible quality in a tattoo is priceless. And that’s where the magic of Red Baron Ink comes in.

For more information:
Red Baron Ink works by appointment only; you can email inquiries and include images to
Business hours: Monday-Sunday from 1pm – 8pm.
west side: 238 West 14th Street
east side: 621 E 11th St
(917)993-2303 (east) – 917-675-7608 (west)

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