Red Carpet 2Die4 Elegance: Rita Vinieris Fall 2013


Rita Vinieris Fall 2013 debut collection of eveningwear is as dramatic as its presenting venue this fashionable week, the Baryshnikov Arts Center. At the gorgeous studio, the designer showcased
knockout gowns worthy of red carpet and black-tie events.

“I wanted to explore effortless elegance. I was inspired by American architect, Louis Kahn, whose work defined 20th Century Modernism,” says Vinieris. The glorious collection focuses on bias cuts and simplicity of shape. Lingerie-inspired construction allows the high-end frocks to gracefully skim and flow over the body. For Vinieris, it’s really about gentle motion. She uses organic ornamentation, playing with scale to create sumptuous textures, while patinas are used to enhance their depth and richness.

“I truly want to dress women at night in a way that’s relevant for today,” she says.
Vinieris’ elegant collection succeeds at just that.

[[blaze cats=17]]

Runway Details:
Fine Jewelry: EFVA Attling
Make-up: Fawn Monique for Aveda
Hair: Franco della Grazia for Cutler
Manicure: Lulu Cooper

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