Reese’s Pieces Were Awesome!


For the 4th season, Tracy Reese partnered up with Sally Hansen to create a color collection of 8 shades for her Spring show inspired by exotic romanticism of North Africa, Tangier and Tunisia and their Salon line. The Sally Hansen team actually met and worked with Reese in her office to pick out colors, the collection justly compliments the Spring 2008 collection of vivid, high-voltage color. In the show, models wore Tunisian Sand – a shimmery beige. Other colors include a deep purple enhanced with gold shimmer called Arabian Night and a versatile pinkish orange color that looks pink against pink and looks orange against orange called Sumptuous Petal. The nail color collection will be available in stores March 2008.

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Celebrity Make-up Artist Mally Roncal explains the look to admirers.

Super excitedly and full of spunk, make-up artist Mally Roncal, describes the make-up as “fresh and easy.” The models are rocking a full, natural-shaped brow, shimmery, bronzy lids atop dewy, glowy skin with the help of Mally Beauty products. On the cheeks is the crème blush Get Cheeky. The lip color, a mixture of a French Kiss lipstick and a unnamed nude lip gloss (both in production to debut soon) is inspired by her newborn twins. The difference between the models and her babies: “a lot of gloss to make it a little slutty,” she says followed a big smile. Mally Beauty is available at Bendel’s and QVC.

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The hair, styled by Edris Nicholls of Edris Salon in NYC, is a fusion of a 30s sweep and two 70s braids. “Its easy to try. It’s fun. It’s accessible.” Edris started with blow-dried straight hair using FHI’s Hot Sauce, which infuses moisture into the hair via crystallized Jojoba and keeps the heat off of the hair. Create a part at one temple of the head. French braid the hair coming from each side of the part meeting at the nape of the neck on the opposite side of the head. All of the girls donned the Bruce Webber photo-inspired hairstyle. To give the style an eccentric, very matted look, Edris pulled at the braids. To seal the deal, she finished with Davines hairspray.

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