Remove Halloween Makeup Safely

Yes, Halloween is this weekend. You would never know it with the summer temperatures and warm showers that have defined fall so far. Not the sort of weather to encourage witches to sit astride their broom and fly across a moonlit sky or to see cool skeletons scouting out the graveyard at night. Yet, your kids are all set to go and parade their costumes and face paint all weekend long. You may have already made up plans with neighbors to walk them from door to door for a safe trick or treat.

You are probably reconciled by now with the idea that you are going to hit one of those goulish looking costume stores around town to get a costume yourself. One thing you should not forget is to stock up on potent, antibacterial and antifungal soap to wash the kids’ hands when the trick or treat is over.

Kids pick up all kind of stuff besides candy when they reach out, touching and grabbing for candy going from door to door. You want to make sure that their little hands will be clean and fresh before they go to bed. California Baby Natural Antibacterial Blend Moisturizing Hand Wash serves the purpose of cleaning hands effectively and safely because it does not use harsh, antibacterial agents like Triclosan (which may contain PCBs) but high quality essential oils devoid of any pesticide trace. Just rub vigorously for 20 seconds with the soap and all microbes will be gone without stripping the skin.

To remove all traces of makeup, face paint and hair dye, California Baby Tea Tree & Lavender Shampoo & Body Wash will get the job done without a whimper with the same natural anti-bacterial agents and the fresh scent of French lavender. A gentle way to end the most fun day of the year without frazzled feelings, California Baby’s line specializes in non-chemical, organic and natural, aromatherapy products for the skin of babies, children and sensitive adults. Check out the whole line of ultra-smooth products for Halloween clean up at and let the fun begin!

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