Rewrite Your Day – A Special Campaign for Migraine Sufferers

Mindy Weiss, Celebrity Event Planner, was in town last Wednesday to help launch the “Rewrite Your DayCampaign with Allergan, Inc, the National Headache Foundation and HealthyWomen, the nation’s leading health information source for women, to educate the public about the disabling symptoms and burden of chronic migraine. The project will help 15 people with chronic migraine win a re-creation of a special moment of his/her life that was lost due to the condition. The number 15 symbolizes the 15 migraine days or more per month that are lost by people living with the condition.

At a press event featuring a panel of specialists, including Dr. Mark Green from the National Headache Foundation, Board-Certified Attending Neurologist at the Headache Institute at St.Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center Susan W. Broner and Executive Director of HealthyWomen, Elizabeth Battaglino Cahill, I learned eye-opening facts about the neurological condition that impacts about 3.2 million Americans, predominately women, and that is undiagnosed in 80% of cases. Men and women affected by the excruciating pain of the condition have had to cancel their wedding day on the very morning of the ceremony, miss their children’s performances, birthdays and graduations. This does not include the loss of thousands of workdays and millions of dollars in revenue caused yearly on a national level. But in their testimonies, it is the mental pain of having missed some of their life’s most significant events that is particularly revealing of the emotional price tag added to that of the debilitating symptoms themselves. It is the terrible injustice of this loss that helped prompt the “Rewrite Your Day” campaign.

To learn more about the disorder and find out if you suffer from chronic migraine you can access the online resource, and take a quiz to determine if you have any chronic migraine symptoms and how serious they are. You can also find help to get in contact with a headache specialist or a neurologist. The site also invites you to tell your story, share one special event you missed to the disease and express how you would rewrite that lost day if you could. An independent panel of health advocates, including Mindy Weiss, will select fifteen winners. The nationally recognized event planner to the Hollywood elite, will lend her special skills to help the fifteen winners recreate their lost dreams and special moments.

The events will be recreated between October 2011 and December 2012. Check www. for more information.

Dr. Susan W. Broner

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