Ring Around the Rosies


As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved flowers. Hydrangeas, Gardenias, Peonies, you name ’em, I dug ’em – no pun intended. Picking one that I love more than the other would be like choosing your favorite child.

This brings me to one of my most fave annual events. Macy’s at Herald Square is currently hosting their yearly Flower Show for the first two weeks of April. This year’s event is titled “Floral Exotica,” and although it might conjure up images of a bad skin-a-max movie, rest assured that this event is a G-Rated floral frenzy that brings in over 500,000 visitors. Now, I typically avoid this department store like a spandex cat suit, but for the love of flowers, I braved the hordes of tourists that were armed with fanny packs and disposable cameras (every rose has its thorn, oui?) to see this extravaganza.


The window displays are alone worth trekking to Midtown. They are every girly girl’s dream, filled with mannequins that are lovingly adorned with thousands of flowers that resemble intricate ball gowns. Once I stepped inside, it was a smidge claustrophobic, but luckily, I had my New York gal ‘tude on, and I pushed my way ever so gracefully through the throngs. I was greeted by what appeared to be a floral version of Noah’s Arc and soon after, a safari vision: huge giraffes made of fragrant flowers displayed the blooms of Africa. The entire downstairs showcased a bevy of bouquets, topiaries, exotic plants and gardens galore. The kiddie level had two lovely children’s gardens that may inspire future Martha Stewarts (pre pokey, of course). (On a side note, that pesky old wooden escalator with the deep groves are not a stiletto’s BFF)!

Macy’s “Floral Exotica” will only last until the 14th of April so grab your flats and practice your patience, my petite fleurs. This will be worth taking the time to smell the roses.

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