Ring the Alarm and Arise to Gorgeous Skin!


It’s 12 o’clock…do you know where your beautiful skin is? I certainly didn’t until paying a recent trip to the Erno Laszlo facialist inside of the lower-level bustling beauty emporium of Bergdorf’s. What’s the antithesis of peaches and cream? How about red and irritated and even more desperate than those housewives on Wysteria Lane for a fix.

This was one of the most interactive and curiously fascinating skin care treatments I’ve ever received…and I’ve been around the block!

I arrived a tad late – and since ironically, the Lazslo philosophy is based on a concept known as “clocking,” my tardiness was shameful. To explain, a clock is used to metaphorically represent the relative dryness or oiliness of the skin. 12 o’clock symbolizes normal, balanced skin. AM hours indicate “minus” skins, which lack hydration (no wonder why I look my worst in the morning – guess that last mojito didn’t help matters much). PM hours indicate “plus” skins with an excess of oil production.

Yes, but did Mr. Laszlo factor in train delays and the long line at Starbuck’s to his stringent clock?

I was quickly shuffled into a private room, where I proceeded to clean my own face. With a “water wash” technique of 30 SPLASHES (another Laszlo philosophy is that H20 has extraordinary benefits, so bring on the irrigation), as overseen by my facialist, I was almost ready for a mid-morning nap by the time I was through. I was secretly hoping that I also wouldn’t be performing my own facial with this ‘hands-on’ process…cause I was getting tired! Lucky for me, my aesthetician duties ended there.

The experience was soothing, with no extractions necessary to achieve that coveted healthy skin glow. My favorite part of the facial was the Laszlo Lift, an electronic skin stimulator – showing me love with its little simulated kisses, a virtual face lift that firmed and strengthened facial muscles and improved circulation. Even if it didn’t work, I was thinking that Hallmark should buy into this innovation and hawk it at Valentine’s Day to all the lonely people in the world.

End result? Laszlo did manage to turn back time on the clock and make my skin rival that of ever-youthful Mandy Moore. Now, I think I’ll run to the mall and hit Wet Seal and sport a new look reminiscent of my favorite teeny-bopper years!

Erno Laszlo at Bergdorf Goodman

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