Robin’s Joy-ous Creations Please


When I asked fine artist, Robin Riggsbee to describe the Robin Joy Boutique collection, she said, “All about the art.” And that statement couldn’t be any truer.

A Robin Joy purse

The Robin Joy Boutique, which opened its doors *, is a collaboration of Robin Riggsbee and her BFF, Sherry Rousso, whose mothers were also best friends who sang and were a musical comedy duo. Both are from Massachusetts and at one time went separate ways to pursue their individual dreams. And now they’re reunited and bringing NYC a place to shop and gather with friends, while having coffee or tea (try the tea specially blended for Robin Joy Boutique) and listening to music.

When you step into the boutique, you will be drawn into the quaint surroundings reminiscent of a 17th or 18th century salon. The boutique showcases Robin’s artistic talent and love for all things beautiful, which is evident by her vast collection of items from her travels to Europe and Asia, as well as items from her mother and grandmother. But what can’t be missed are her original artworks (prints of this original artwork are available for purchase) found on scarves, tees, tops, the couture clothing collection, evening bags (on which the strap is removable and can be used as a necklace), and hand painted gloves; even everyday items, like plates and curtains. Everything is handmade, from the necklaces adorned with precious and semi-precious stones to the silk used for the couture collection. All designed by Robin herself.

A Robin Joy purse

With the holiday seasoning approaching, this is the place to find unique, original designs for everyone on your list, including some fabulous pieces for toddlers and babies. Also, keep your eyes open for the release of two children’s books. If you want something extra special, you can request custom hand painted gloves or any other item you may fancy. And 10% of the boutiques’ profits go to charity, so by shopping, you’ll actually be doing a good deed. Score!

To find out more about Robin Riggsbee, view her artwork and designs at

Robin Joy Boutique
128 Charles Street (on the corner of Charles Street and Greenwich Streets)

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Dean Holtermann

Robin has a touch of genius and idiosyncrasy in all she touches very special


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