Rock & Reilly’s: Fashionistas & Sports Fans Merge in Midtown


Fashion and sports mash-up between the two industries and adjoining neighborhoods at the Renaissance Hotel on 35 Street.

Rock & Reilly’s Irish Pub has opened another one of its chain restaurants amongst the tourist infused, work-a-day locals and congested streets just south of Times Square — above all, it is strategically located between the Garment District and Madison Square Garden.

Buckle up. This notorious, corporate watering hole with successful locales in West Hollywood and Park City, Utah will be hosting the throngs of thirsty straphangers, rambunctious bridge and tunnel-ers and weekend revelers in their spanking new and sprawling indoor/outdoor cavern that could fit a good part of Dublin (10,000 square feet).

It’s like the Disney Land of Irish Pubs with faux greenery, basic bites and a lot of hoopla. Imbibing is encouraged thru clever artwork and subliminal messages written on the walls and inconspicuous spaces.

Rock & Reilly’s comes with it’s own suspicious folklore that capitalizes on “The life of Reilly” as well as every reason to spend your money on bar food and adult beverages, most specifically beer and whiskey (over 200 to select). You enter the hotel just a few steps off lucky 7th avenue and take an elevator up a few flights while rock-n-roll escorts the way to the bar and melting pot of gold.


Start with a pint or try one of their specialty cocktails. The Tea Thyme (above) is made with 50 Bleu Vodka, Chamomile and Rooibos Tea, Lemon and Thyme. It was more than a wee bit weak and perfect for a teetotaler so if you want something with more fighting Irish punch, we recommend you try a draft beer or beverage with whisky.


On the menu, expect everything for every taste and appetite including Irish Nachos. Both the Irish and Mexicans must be confused by this dish that includes house made kettle chips, peppered bacon, Irish cheddar cheese, scallions and corn salsa. If that doesn’t sound appetizing, try the Oysters from America’s east and west coasts (above).


Their Shrimp Cocktail comes with a generous portion of 4, cocktail sauce and horseradish.


The menu also boasts about the following: flatbreads, chicken wings, pasta, skirt steak, lobster mac & cheese, pork chops and on and on and on. It’s the we-serve-everything a la carte kind of tavern. While some plates underwhelmed the taste buds, we recommend sliding into safe with their Wee Burgers — Sliders. You can do this while watching sports on one of their umpteen flat screens.

Rock & Reilly’s just opened their doors a few months ago and while they manage to get the chinks out of their armor, it’s predictable that they will be action packed with bar crawlers and hotel guests by fall. Just in time for the parade of fashion models strutting to the nearby showrooms and the crowds of sports fans lining up at MSG.

Rock & Reilly’s
Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel
218 W 35th St, 5th Fl
(between 7th and 8th)
New York, NY 10001

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