Romantic Athleticism at Jen Kao SS2013


Jen Kao’s Spring 2013 collection was hard-edged and futuristic, while sneaking in a few traditional Japanese in?uences such as Origami shapes and Japanese wooden heels. The designs themselves were pretty basic whether it was a sheath, slip dress, jacket, or tank, but it was Kao’s unique use of geometric paneling, prints, and asymmetry that was the main attraction.

Counteracting the collection’s hard lines, hairstylist Anthony Turner for Redkin/Cutler Salon, created a ‘soft 90’s romantic’ bun that had a vibe of ‘athletic aftershock’. Almost as though the girls had just come from the gym, their low ponytail buns were not short of intentional frizz that gave a halo-like effect in the light. While frizziness is a battle that so many of us are constantly ?ghting, we can ?nally take a break and embrace it in creating this simple hairstyle.

Photo: Joanna Lee

Get the Look in 7 steps:
1. Begin by infusing hair with Redken Full Volume Mousse, especially around the roots. Turner uses a generous amount to create a matte effect.
2. Starting at the hairline, use a small curling iron to create a few soft curled pieces.
3. Separate the curls with your ?ngers, running your hands from your hairline to ends.
4. Lightly tease with a loose comb at the crown of the head and softly throughout hair.
5. Using your hands (Not a brush, which can create too much tension for this style) pull your hair back towards the base of the neck and twist into a knot.
6. Secure with elastic hair tie and pinch a few pieces out of the bun as desired.
7. Complete the style by using Redkin 23 Hairspray along your hairline to give a dewy ?nish with a subtle shine.

Photo: Joanna Lee

Make-up artist, Yadim, also kept makeup soft and otherworldly for MAC Cosmetics. Skin was bright and highlighted with MAC Pearl Creamcolor Base on the temples, bridge of the nose, and chin, then ?nished off with Brit Wit Cream Blush on the cheeks. Must Have Brown eyeshadow creme is buffed onto the eyelids and around the eyes with Caramel Sundae eyeshadow brushed over the lid and crease. A de?ned “boy tough brow” was created by brushing eyeshadow into the brows while lips were kept nude with concealer.

Yadim’s tip to trying a new look? Adaptation. “It’s all about adapting a trend to yourself,” he says. Take as much or as little of a trend and make it work for you on a level that ?ts. This applies to all aspects of fashion, whether its clothes, makeup or hair. Tone it down, play it up, and if you don’t want to try everything at once, pick one element and go from there.

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