Rooftop Cocktails: Monarch Rooftop Lounge


Hello summer! Let the throngs leave the city for the Hamptons and beyond. The smart ones stay in the metropolis and take advantage of the decreased population. Continuing with our coverage on rooftop lounges, we revisited a diamond in the sky where the locals imbibe and snack after a workday and well needed weekend. Monarch Rooftop lounge is perfectly located on 35th right off of 6th Ave. Here is what you need to know.

The new cocktail list has a global theme of every hotspot starting in Montauk, NY and stretching beyond Mexico to Australia. Pictured above you see the Montauk Metro made with Double Cross Vodka, Rose Lillet, muddled blueberries, white cranberry and lemon. Refreshing. Fabulous! Can you hear the applause?

They also concocted the Catalina Cooler with Hanson Organic Cucumber Mint Vodka, fresh watermelon, lemon and fennel sugar rim. Mouthwatering. I closed my eyes and imagined floating on a raft to the island and as far away from Los Angeles as possible.

What sets Monarch Rooftop apart from other lounges is the people that gather here. This is not a raucous place even when the DJ hits the vinyl. It’s a party atmosphere that feels comfortable, celebratory and joyous. I also have to mention the views. You will see the Empire State building towering over midtown like a handsome and reliable bodyguard. The vista is simply spectacular from Macy’s to downtown and uptown.

The bites have been tamed down since the days of ox tail and things hard to pronounce let alone consume. The new menu includes a sassy salsa and guacamole with chips, roasted red pepper hummus, spicy boneless buffalo wings, Angus beef sliders with aged cheddar accompanied by a homemade secret sauce. Their Margarita Flatbread (above) is made with fresh Roma tomatoes, micro basil, mozzarella di buffalo and basil oil — so tasty that men and women wept in the old country.

The final point for you to visit Monarch Rooftop is the staff. You will be greeted with a warm welcome and they will take care of you — this is the hub of hospitality. Genese is their resident mixologist who is as beautiful and smart as she is funny.

Monarch means a sovereign head of state, especially a king, queen, or emperor. This rooftop lounge treats everyone equivalently. Great food and drinks plus atmosphere make for a fabulous New York City experience. Thumbs and scepters up!

Photos by P.K. Greenfield

Monarch Rooftop
71 W 35th St. 18th Floor,
New York, NY

(212) 630-9993

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