Rooftop Cocktails: Upstairs @ The Kimberly Hotel

The weather and nightlife in the city are finally heating up. We recently discovered this hotspot for cocktails and appetizers in midtown Manhattan on the East side. The Kimberly Hotel is home to Upstairs — a rooftop lounge with a retractable ceiling. It’s time to open up the sky view. Spectacular!

The lounge attracts a Happy Hour and a late night crowd. Great music vibrates the roof while the breathtaking views change from day to night as the sun sets and the skyscraper lights come on. The Chrysler Building beams with respect directly in the center of the vista.

Upstairs lures a crowd of fashionistas, business people and plenty of local city dwellers whom are in-the-know. It’s a hodgepodge of society with a New York twist. You will also bump elbows with tourists who are staying in the charming, European-style Kimberly Hotel. The staff is as beautiful as the views and as friendly as you can get north of the Mason-Dixon line.

My suggestion is to try The Watson: A Boodles gin based cucumber martini made with white cranberry juice and fresh lime. Revitalizing, anti-inflammatory. I substituted vodka for the gin because I wouldn’t be able to write this if I were on the latter. It’s the perfect libation.

Tossing back drinks with my bros Adam and Prince, they ordered The Midtown. If Jack Kerouac were alive, this drink would have made him stay in New York. It’s made with Makers Mark Bourbon based “Novel in a glass” with fresh raspberry and chamomile! My friends agreed and ordered two more of them. The cocktail menu also has The Chrysler — a champagne cocktail made with the finest honey, Hennessy Black cognac and fresh lemon and lime, topped with the French nectar of love!

Upstairs offers a wide variety of small plates and snacks like crab cakes, grilled chicken sate and truffled mac-n-cheese. I recommend the guacamole pico de gallo. It is fresh, flavorful and a little bit spicey. This dish is perfect to share and comes with crispy corn chips. Ole!

Upstairs does not take reservations, its first come, first served. We will see you on the rooftop.

The Kimberly Hotel
148 East 50th Street
New York, NY

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