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There are pet owners out there who think of their furry friend as if it were on par with their first-born – you know, those who never leave home without Poochie in their purse or Vixen in the Vuitton carry-on. Sure, my wiener-dog, Franny, is a real peach and even if she did received a pink terrycloth robe with gingham trim from Harry Barker for her 4th birthday, I would still think of her as my daschund – not my daughter (even if she is in the will).

Anyhoo, no matter how deep your love runs for your four-legged friend, little Fido will be all drooly over Dog Day at Shea on April 21st. You and your precious pooch can watch the Mets take on the Atlanta Braves and get that warm fuzzy feeling that your ticket price will benefit the North Shore Animal League America (world’s largest no-kill shelter).

The shindig kicks-off at the pre-game parade where your pup can proudly prance around on the track. Once the game starts, there’s some serious dog watching in the picnic area where all of the action takes place (tsk tsk, Rover, no sniffing!). You may even spot a celebrity canine (OMG! Franny and Jake G’s puggle could have play dates!) On that note, your little one will be treated like a serious VIP at Dog Days (this is a fancy feast out of the crystal goblet type deal). Pups will get doggie goodie bags, have their photos snapped (I know, Milo is so over the paparazzi), can cool their paws in baby pools, and even have their pooped scooped by waste removal companies. It’s like the Oscars but for doggies.

Tickets for the event will be $32 for two-legged guests and $5 goes to the dogs. You’ll see me toting my own little hotdog, sans bathrobe in a Met’s hat. Luckily royal blue is her color.

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Judy Allgood

Proud owner of five daschund dogs. We want to know if he is the longest one at 25 inches from head to the end of tail. Please email me and let me know.

I had to fix my e-mail add.
Judy Allgood


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