Running to Dunkin’ for Pumpkin


Ahhh…enjoying wonderful Fall weather: Hair stays tamed and skin looks refreshed in cooler temperatures. Chunkier colorful coats, sweaters, and accessories are brought out of hibernation for cat walks along leaf covered park lawns and sidewalks. Confidently put together, now this writer bolts to Dunkin’ for pumpkin for her java fix!

This is my second year relishing Autumn with a weekly trip to Dunkin’ Donuts® for their seasonal pumpkin flavored specialty coffees. Correction: I go three times a week, to savor the hot gourd-inspired coffee and latte – always in medium sized cups. The shop barista knows me well enough that she also makes pumpkin cappuccino upon my request, then nods at the big tip mug on the counter. We happily oblige one another.

I enjoy these libations because they are the right combination of spicy and sweet, a liquid dessert that always jolts me up to continue the day. And you can skinny or fatten them to your choosing: Request fat free instead of whole milk, sugar substitute instead of the real thing, nix the whipped cream, etc. The combinations all work for me, though I tend to want whole milk and never relinquish my cream for these pumpkin-laced coffees.

Geez, look at the time. I got to shut down my laptop and head off to meet the kiddies at school. Afterward, we’ll make that Dunkin’ Donuts run together. I’ll look forward to my pumpkin cuppa Joe, and they won’t pass up the glazed pumpkin glazed donuts.

I also recently discovered that Dunkin’ Donuts sells pumpkin packaged coffee to brew at home.
I’ll try that soon.

Look for these seasonal coffee drinks at your local Dunkin’ Donuts shops nationwide.

Run along now.

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