Screw You, Katrina…You can’t keep us down!


Today’s City Pulse is another “in-your-face, screw you, damn the man Katrina” Pulse. As long as there are still efforts out there to help the victims of Katrina, good ‘ole me will continue to tell you about them.

It just so happens that I believe you’ll really enjoy these efforts and, for just this once, all that money you’re going to spend is totally selfless.

So, how right-this-minute hot is the LES? Yeah yeah, I know it’s always been on the hipster radar, but now we’re letting everyone else in on the secret, and apparently it’s spreading like wildfire. But, chances are everyone you talk to still knows something that you don’t, or already considers your new tip sooooo been there done that. You’re, like, perpetually five minutes too late to be truly considered LES cool. Well, try this one, and see if for el premier tiempo you’re the one spreading the wealth of hipster LES knowledge. Shop is donating 20% of the proceeds of all sale items to the Humane Society’s Katrina relief efforts through October 16th. In the event you’re not sure what Shop is…it’s, well, a shop that sells FABULOUS everything you could want for every part of your body. I personally was eyeing a killer leather handbag in there the other day, and no I’m not going to tell you what it looked like in case y’all try to go in there and copy my ass. If you like my taste thus-far, you won’t be disappointed in your treasure hunting at Shop, and how could you go wrong when proceeds from the SALE items are being donated to help victims of Katrina. Seriously, you’re basically an asshole if you don’t go in there and buy something.

Shop, 105 Stanton St., near Ludlow St., 212-375-0304.

…so after all the shopping (a.k.a. good will), you’ve worked up quite the appetite, non?

Well, you’ve helped out so much up until this point, why stop now? On Tuesday, September 27th, restaurants from around the country will donate a percentage of their dinner sales to Share Our Strength’s Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. Mais, quels restaurants are participating? AHA! I’m so glad you asked, mes cheries. Alain Ducasse, DB Bistro, Gotham Bar and Grill, and Nobu to name a few. All in all there are 169 restaurants in New York that are participating. Do you know how many options that gives you for dinner? None of that “eh, I don’t know where we should eat” bullshit. And the restaurants on the list range from the creme de la creme to crap de la crap. Something for everyone in this world, that’s what I like to see.

Going to be out of town on Tuesday night so you can’t eat out? HORRIBLE EXCUSE. Like i said before–restaurants all over the country are participating.Tell your sister in Boston to go out. Oh, and don’t forget your cousin in Chicago. Please, go out and eat. Save your oven some trouble on Tueday. Eat some sushi. Drink a fabu bottle of red. Or white. Or both. Frankly I don’t care. Just eat, drink, shop, and help those who need it most right now.

For a full list of restaurants, go to: [url=][/url]

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