Seasonal Sweets


For many of us, it can be a tough transition from swimwear in the summer sun to layering up for the winter wonderland. What’s my cold weather remedy? Take the edge off with sweet seasonal treats from Two Little Red Hens!

Located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the bakery is lauded for its delicious assortment of cupcakes. The regular size is a great portion for the price ($3.25), while the mini cupcakes ($1.75) are perfect bite-size snacks. The bakery also offers a delectable array of cookies, cakes, warm drinks and pies that are terrific for the holidays. I stopped in on a chilly afternoon to indulge in a cup of hot chocolate, when to my surprise I discovered they had added a pumpkin spice cupcake to an already extensive list of flavors. Sounds like the perfect pairing to me!

I placed my order and pulled up a seat at a table in a cozy corner near the window. The cupcake, topped with an apricot cream cheese frosting, was light, moist, and chocked full of flavor. I could smell the cinnamon and nutmeg even before I tasted it. And the hot chocolate, made from melted dark chocolate chips and steamed milk, was rich, but not too thick, and complimented with a dollop of homemade marshmallows and whipped cream. It’s less like a drink and more like a warm blanket for your soul.

I considered myself fairly satiated and was preparing to leave, when I overheard a customer ordering a cup of hot apple cider. Suddenly, I was out of my seat and back in line. Piping hot, cinnamon-infused, and covered in whipped cream—who could pass up the quintessential “fall in a cup?”

There is much to celebrate this season, and although you may not be too gung-ho for cold weather and snow, with these treats from Two Little Red Hens, you’ll warm up to it!

Two Little Red Hens
1652 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10028

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