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I am your guinea pig! Did you know that before I tell you about a fab new product I am road testing it at home? Yup. I’ve been known to torture friends, roommates and total strangers asking them what they think of something I’m trying. Occasionally, some poor soul wanders into my apartment, and before they know it, I’ve slathered something on them and am asking them what they think of it.

Here is a trio of products that I’ve just tried with the idea in mind of self-improvement. You’ve decided to take better care of yourself this year. Maybe you made a resolution to be good to you. You’re watching what you eat, doing a bit of exercise, and all the usual stuff. What about your skincare? What are you doing to keep your complexion healthy, happy and young?

[b]G.M. Collin[/b] now has a trio of superb anti-aging preparations.

The [b]Vitamin A: Retinol Action + Q10[/b] use this over your moisturizer at night. It’s a super lightweight and absorbing preventative vitamin A anti-aging lotion. Massage it on face, eyelids, neck and décolleté. It works with all skin types, softens the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It will restore your skin’s youthful appearance. This is the only product on the market that combines retinol and Q10. I’ve road tested it for two weeks and I like the way it quickly absorbs into my skin. It’s neither greasy nor heavy feeling. There’s no yucky smell. There was a warning that came with the product – a chance you might feel heat or look a bit red the first few times you use it. It’s a normal response for sensitive skin. I’ve got sensitive skin, look at me funny and something goes wrong. I didn’t get any tingling, redness or any adverse reactions. Do use this only at night. And don’t forget if you’re using any type of retinol formula, you must use a sunscreen during the day. By using retinol your skin becomes more sensitive to the sun. Then again, you should always wear a sunscreen.

The [b]Daily Ceramide Comfort[/b] is time-released daily nourishing dry oil that your face will drink up all its nutrients and say, “Aah.” The dry oil replenishes the skin’s lipidic barrier and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The container is quite posh looking; it really dresses up my bathroom sink. The ceramide comes in these tiny yellowish capsules. You twist off the little handle thingy and then squeeze out the oil. It took me a few tries before I could twist the tops off well. I’d try then resort to scissors. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be fine. You’re probably a bit more coordinated than I am anyway. You use this after washing and moisturizing your face day and/or night.

Lastly is the [b]Vitamin C: Active C Serum[/b]. It helps reduce daily oxidative stress that causes premature aging. It’s an anti-oxidizing treatment that banishes the negative effects of free radicals (bad!) It’ll reduce the signs of aging and improves your skin’s appearance. You use this after cleansing and moisturizing your face. It’s an intensive program; to be used for 28 days. It can be used in the morning and/or night. You may repeat the program for another 28 days to get the results you want. The bottles are tiny and cute! They work, what else can I say?

G.M. Collin Skincare is a French company that was created in 1957 by a dermatologist and an aesthetician. In 1991, the company moved to Montreal, Canada. The main ingredients in all of their products are from botanical, biotechnological and marine sources. The line can be found in high end spas, retreats and skin clinics throughout the US and Canada. Many spas in New York City carry the line. To find G.M Collin products near you, visit their website [url=][/url] or call them at 1-800-341-1531 (US) and 1-800-361-1263 (Canada)

We know that the holidays are over, but there are still birthdays and special events on the horizon. If you’re looking for a one of a kind gift or something for yourself, think about jewelry from Designs by [b]Jennifer Boaz[/b]. Jennifer is an Atlanta based artist who creates delicate, feminine, quirky jewelry that’s as individual as you are.

She was a Studio Art major at the University of Alabama when she began designing pieces for herself from belts, old jewelry and clothing. This became her new passion and Jennifer started to design jewelry for everyone.

The earrings dangle with whispered promises. They’re long and can flitter enticingly when you walk.

Each piece is made with semi-precious stones, pearls and is made with either sterling silver or gold filled. Jennifer’s pieces are named; Pout, Hot, Mysterious and other titles that tickle the imagination.

There’s even a bridesmaid collection.

Her jewelry was featured in Atlanta’s Jezebel Magazine this past June. Some of her pieces are one of a kind. Her jewelry can be found at the Birmingham Museum of Art, The Kentuck Musem Shop in Northport, AL and in specialty boutiques in Georgia and Alabama. If you’re not jetting off to those states soon, don’t despair, you can buy her wearable works of art from her website

[b]Dahesh Museum does First Thursdays[/b]. What does this mean? On the First Thursday evening of every month, the Dahesh Museum stays open from 6 until 9 pm, inviting visitors to discover it for free. The evening includes lively events, gallery talks, and the pleasures of time spent with art. Tonight’s lecture begins at 6:30 and the topic is “Something Old, Something New: 19th- and 21st-Century Sculpture Processes.” Patricia Cronin, renowned artist, will explore how sculptors in the 19th century created works in marble and bronze and how this influences her art today. Dahesh Museum of Art, 580 Madison Avenue (bet. 56th and 57th),
What: the Dahesh Museum Free First Thursdays
When: Thursday, January 6th
Where: 580 Madison Avenue (between 56th &57th Streets)
Website: ]

[b]St. Ann’s Under the Radar Festival[/b] is presenting a who’s who of up-and-coming theatre artists. Some of the sure-to-hit highlights are Elevator Repair Service’s new work, Gatz, a postmodern take on The Great Gatsby; Gloria Deluxe frontgal Cynthia Hopkins’ Accidental Nostalgia, a brainteasing, honky-tonk, one-woman show; an electric-fying performance from thoroughly modern string quartet Ethel; and the Foundry Theatre’s KI from “Crime”, a piece inspired by the character of Katerina Ivanova from Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. It’s curated by Mark Russell, a performance artist non-parallel in his field.
What: St. Ann’s Under the Radar Festival
When: Friday, January 7 – Monday, January 10
Where: St. Ann’s Warehouse (28 Water Street) DUMBO and other locations
Call: 718-254-8779 for more information
Price: $15 – $25

It’s Friday night and you’ve got to shake the week away! Hit the [b]Globesonic Party[/b] with Shakti Spirit Dancers and Body Temple Drummers at K Lounge. The party kicks off at 7 PM and goes till 4AM. Globesonic (DJ’s Derek Bares, Fabian Altsultany, and Acidophilus) mix up world beat, tabla, drum and bass, global trance, dub, Afro-beat, house and hip-hop into a mesmerizing sound. Along for the ride are the Shaki Spirit Dancers, the Body Temple Drummers and singer Vishal Vaid.
What: Globesonic Multimedia Party
When: Friday, January 7, 7PM- 4AM
Where: K Lounge, 30 W. 52nd Street, 212-265-6665
Cost: Free

Drop by [b]Satalla[/b], the temple of world music, for a free dance party featuring DJ Big Joe. Midnight. Satalla, 37 West 26th Street (bet. Bway and 6th Avenue).
What: Satalla’s World Dance Party
When: Friday, January 7th (every Friday), Midnight onward!
Where: 37 W. 26th Street (between Bway & 6th Ave)
Cost: Free!

[b]Cheryl B Presents The Atomic Reading Series[/b] this Sunday at the Lucky 13 Salon. Featured performers are; Nichelle Stephens, Carolyn Connelly, Johanna Fuhrman, and Bob Kerr
What: Cheryl B Presents The Atomic Reading Series
When: Sunday, January 9, 7 PM
Where: Lucky 13 Saloon, 273 13th St. (5th Ave.), Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY (718) 499-7553
Cost: Free!

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