Sequined Dolls at Doo Ri


Like a parade of vivid peacock feathers, the models clad in Doo Ri’s exquisite Fall 2007 collection elegantly strode down the runway. Doo Ri Chung’s work is so unique that you can spot her clothes anywhere. This Fall, expect to see dark indigo, maroon and emerald dresses studded with sequin accessories lighting up her world.


A lot of balloon dresses with elegant swags and tiers, the collection showcased several accessories (gloves, three quarter sleeve jackets and halter-type accessories). The dresses with sequins were the highlight of the show.

Backstage, the makeup was done by Orlando Pita. “The look for Doo Ri is kind of a boyish pompadour style,” he says. “We started by curling the models’ hair with a T-3 curling iron, and then coming and placing the curls on top of the head.” He used the Kerastase hair spray.


Tom Pecheux, who did the makeup for Shiseido, says that the look was “a very nude face, all monochrome foundation, even the lips. Afterwards, we put all the focus on the eyes.” The eyes were a smoky black, and lined with liquid eyeliner while still keeping the “gorgeous, fragile and innocent eye.” A very beige, almost nude lipstick was applied and no blush was used.

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