Showfields Blends Immersive Theater x NYC Shopping x Lifestyle

Showfields is posited as “the most interesting store in the world,” and “the lifestyle discovery store,” which evokes mystery and excitement at a time when brick-and-mortar stores need far more magnetic pull. Melding shopping with play, whimsy, new brands, and immersive experience, Showfields has completely overhauled its NoHo store. It will have a rotating themed curation of mission driven products, art, and live events – and is currently featuring the theme of Rebirth: Fantasies of the Future. This theme explores concepts centered on renewal, innovation, manifestation and living a more layered, full, and inspired life. This curation is featured on all three floors of their store.

Floor One – focuses on sunrise and play/eat spaces, featuring soft blankets (Sunday Citizen), sustainable shoes (YY Nation), monkfruit sweetener Lakanto, the French aperitif brand Lillet‘s Le Jardin Des Arts with works by female artists Trish Anderson, Zhanna Tsytsyn, Patty Suau and Fernanda Uribe. You can also find a Hydrow rower workout machine, Apollo Neuro stress relief wearable tech, and much more.

Floor Two – dedicated to the art of self-care, entertainment, and the sunset, you’ll find a CBD & Culture Lounge, with CBD-focused brands such as Flyers Cocktail Co and Onyx & Rose. The next-gen baby nutrition company ByHeart offers their first infant formula and a private feeding suite for parents. And you’ll find High On Love products for heightening romance and pleasure, as well as Bubble Slam Dunk hydrating moisturizer (a new favorite!).

Floor Three – the theme on this floor is dusk, self-expression, and the shift to night time mode. Here you’ll find ready-to-wear and accessories brands such as sustainable clothing line For Days. Look for secret access on this floor to Showfields’ infamous slide, where you’re launched into adventure on the 2nd floor’s CBD culture lounge. How cool is that?

Showfields plans to expand throughout the spring, adding more brands (like Obe Fitness), a podcast studio, a sensory station, and a wellness + fitness studio. Shop by Mission, brand, or concept.

The store has adopted the logical but still-novel idea of consumer commerce — meaning that they’re tailoring the retail experience with the consumer always at the forefront and asking: is it convenient, how is it curated, what is the meaningful content, and how does it evoke and establish community and a human connection. Also, their prices are excellent in this regard. You derive quite a lot from shopping at Showfields, which means their venture is working very well as they forge an exciting new path into the future of commerce.

11 Bond Street / in NoHo
NYC 10012