Sizzling, ‘Salome’ Hot at Nicole Romano


Trust Romano to always take risqué and elegance up a notch. Her show at Capitale on Sunday night, despite the subzero temperatures outside, was hot, hot, hot. She says her Fall 2007 line was inspired by “Salome” – you know, the bad ass chick who dances naked with John the Baptist’s head? – so we were expecting some thrills.


The program said “the line evokes the strong identity of the Nicole Romano woman. She is passionate yet un-phased, poisonous yet virtuous.” Numbers like the peacock green silk dress with reverse seaming at the waist were both sexy and luminous, and the vivid pink and metallic gold silk chiffon tent top screamed “siren” in an elegant way.

The climax was a completely naked and beautiful model doing her Salome dance moves across the catwalk, in a sexy but wholesome way. Dressed in layers of gold tulle, she epitomized Romano’s inspiration and brought the audience to cheers.


The makeup was done by Nars, and showcased the eyes in particular. Chief makeup artist Julio commented that the look “was a cross between Jennifer Beals in Flashdance meets Salome the seductress.” Julio gave the models dewy skin, without using powder or foundation. The focus was on the eyes with teal and copper eyeshadows (Petula and Undeworld). Lips were nude and natural, and my favorite lipshade was a metallic gold color called Promiscuous.


The hair was done by Pam Baumgartner for TIGI, who used a variety of products that left the ponytails tousled and messed up. She also used a little bit of Bumble and bumble and Redken products to elegantly dishevel the hair.

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