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Laundry is the universe’s way of reminding you how boring life can be.

Saw a sign in window of a bistro in gold script. It said, “fish bar.” Does this mean only fish are allowed in?

Is New York City the only place where people are willing to sitting outside of a café in the cold so they can enjoy a cig and a coffee?

Why do men feel that they’re in the right when they tell women they need to wear high heels more often? I mean, other than drag queens and the occasional Halloween costume, when do men strap those bad boys on their feet?

It seems that women have two choices when it comes to footwear – comfort or looks. I have no idea why they can’t design a high heel that won’t viciously attack your feet, and leave them mangled, bloody and in pain. Being short (5′ 2½”) I’d love to be able to leap tall buildings in heels, but that isn’t happening. I have one pair of super high heels; a pair of 5″ Miu Miu’s and the last time I wore them, I ended up with bloody toes.

Whenever I put on a pair of heels, I feel as if I am going to attempt to verify empirical data concerning Newton’s Laws of Gravity. As I weeble about, I know the ground is very, very, very….oh hell, too damn close for comfort.

When you’re single, every couple you see is kissing, hugging and looking like they’ve just walked out of a J. Crew catalogue. When you’re in a relationship, every couple you see looks like they’re getting ready to count off ten paces and fire something at each other.

Why is it easy to sing to your dog, yet horrific to sing in front of people?

In wintertime you can either look sexy or be warm. This sucks.

New isn’t always terrific.

Old doesn’t always suck.

From what I’ve heard on the news, it appears that after the election phone calls to Australia’s and New Zealand’s consulates concerning immigration is on the upswing. Canada reported a huge number of hits on their webpage that has immigration information.

My question is, when your country really needs you the most, you’re going to leave? When it becomes glaringly clear that in order to change the system, you must work within its boundaries, why would you leave instead of working for change?

What would the founding members of this country think if they knew that all the sacrifices they made, the challenges they fought, were for a bunch of cowards?

If you don’t like what’s going on here, work to change it. If you are not happy with the outcome of the election, then go grassroots to make sure the outcome of the next election is different. If every raised voice counts, why will you leave when we need you most?

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