Snow Bunnies

You know how the models in the Abercrombie & Fitch catalogs look all dewy, fresh and have that just ran in the snow glow about them? You look at the pages envying that fresh air feeling, while you’ve got that trapped under neon light look. We all know how appealing that is, don’t we! There’s a solution and it comes in a case that fits in the palm of your hand. Jouer Cosmetics has come out with a snap and click duo, “Snow Bunny.” It’s two small compacts that you can separate or keep together. One has this yummy lip-gloss, “Blossom” slick it on your lips and you’ve got a natural looking color with shine. “Camellia” is an all over highlighter. It really does give you a glow.

I road tested it this weekend. Met up with some girl friends at Java Girl, it’s at 348 East 66th Street for coffee, gossip and laughter. Everyone kept saying how great my skin looked, that I had this glow about me. The glow was “Snow Bunny.” Not only did I slick the gloss on my lips, I used it as a blush over the highlighter. I used the highlighter on my cheeks and eyelids, and then applied regular shadow over it.

The sad news about this amazing duo from Jouer is that it’s a limited edition. Come March, you’ll never see it again. The good news is that you can pick it up at [url=]Sephora[/url] and [url=]Jouer Cosmetics[/url].

A word of warning about the Jouer website, they have virtual makeovers and you can “apply” various products on the models. This is very, very bad. I wasted a lot of time playing on that site. Once you start playing, it’s hard to stop.

At my house we aren’t very domestic. This comes as no surprise to my friends, who routinely leap over piles of CDs, books and messengered bags in the living room when they come to visit. Personally, I think having your own obstacle course is a great way to stay in condition. Anyway….Meg (my roomie) and I loathe food shopping. We wait until there’s a dried up something in the vegetable crisper and are fighting over the last piece of cheese before either of us gets the nerve to hit the market. We finally took the plunge and did [url=]Fresh Direct[/url].

OH MY GOD! I don’t think I have ever been so excited about groceries in my life. Everything came neatly packaged in boxes and we were excited about putting away our goodies. For the first time in two years, we actually have a full fridge and there’s enough cheese for Meg, myself and Sophie the wonder dog. We may never go hungry again.

Have you ever wondered if you made the right decision in life? Do you wish you could look into the future and find out (immediately – as in right now) what the outcome of all the crap you’re going through is worth it? Wouldn’t it be nice to meet someone who could tell you that Mr. Maybe is Mr. Hell NO! I mean, we all walk down the streets in the city and see all those store fronts for psychics and thought, hmmm. Maybe you know people who have paid something like $1000 for a half hour reading or are on a waiting list to have their chart done. How do you know if someone is gifted or bilking you? If you are interested, you know how hard it is to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I’m a naturally curious person. I want to know everything and I want to know now! So, not too long ago I found myself talking to Minka Cara, an astrologer and psychic. I’ve met Minka socially and know she’s a smart, funny and charming person, but it was very strange sitting across from her, listening to her tell me about myself. And I’m not talking about the caca that we all know about each other. She’s good. She told me things were going to happen, I gave a smart mouth remark. Umm, they did happen, and I was surprised.

Minka is a tallish lovely woman, just on this side of 30, with flowing brunette hair, sky high cheekbones, twinkling green eyes and a husky voice. She’s a licensed massage therapist who has decided to back into acting.

When she was very young, around the age of three, Minka realized that she was hearing and seeing things that no one else around her could. She began to have precognitive dreams. It was weird to her to pick up other people’s thoughts and to know what was going to happen to them. As she grew up in Forest Hills, she began to not only accept her gifts, but to share them with other people. She studied astrology and began to do charts for people.

She’s never advertised her services. All of her clients are from referrals. Last Halloween, she was one of the psychics who gave readings at Madame Tussard’s in Time Square. She does two types of readings; an intuitive astrology reading and an intuitive psychic reading. With the astrology reading, she’ll prepare your chart ahead of time and not only talk to you about how the stars have influenced your life, she uses the chart as a starting point to give you a psychic reading as well. For the other reading, Minka utilizes playing cards (some people use them instead of a tarot deck) as a tool to assist her in giving a reading.

Minka charges $75.00 for a 45 minute psychic reading.

For astrology readings Minka charges $100 for 90 minutes. Her prices are different for corporate and private parties.

There was a time when Minka taught seminars on psychic ability and intuition for free. She only asked for a five dollar donation. Why? Because she feels that she is a messenger and it’s important to help other people. She may be giving them again in the future.

If you’re interested in having your chart done or a reading by Minka, please call her at 917-331-6151.

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