Some Like It Hot

If for some reason you have managed to escape the phenomenon that is hot yoga, here’s a quick rundown – Bikram is practiced in a room set to a temperature somewhere around 100 degrees, which sounds as though it could be painful but in fact makes the muscles looser and more limber, to get the maximum stretch out of every pose. Other benefits include the copious amount of sweating, which releases toxins out of your body, a near necessity for those of us used to the City life.

And Bikram is celebrating a very important birthday this week.

Ten years ago, Donna Rubin and Jennifer Lobo founded Bikram Yoga NYC, after having dabbled in other athletic endeavors such as dance and marathon running, because it felt like the right place at the right time. Since then, New Yorkers from every nook of the city, as well as celebrities (even Beyonce is a Bikram lover), have been storming the heat filled studios to get a killer full body workout (in an hour and a half).

The ladies are quick to point out (and I happen to agree) that now that the weather is getting crisp, it is the perfect time to heat up your yoga practice. And we all know New Yorkers love a challenge…

To help you get in the mood, Donna and Jennifer have arranged an anniversary extravaganza, at the Times Square Arts Center this Thursday, October 15th. Broadway regulars will perform a cabaret (with jaw dropping high kicks, thanks to their yoga-style flexibility), in addition to live music, food, an oxygen bar, and a reading of Walking Through Walls, the memoir of acclaimed artist and yoga enthusiast Philip Smith.

Proceeds will also go to a great cause – Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation – that raises awareness of health, well being, and cultural preservation issues. Imagine, a great cause and a fun night on the town you don’t have to bend over backwards to attend…unless you want to. or

What: Broadway Meets Bikram
Where: Times Square Arts Center, 669 8th Ave (Between 42nd & 43rd Streets)
When: Thursday, October 12th, 7pm-midnight

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