Drinks to Warm Your Winter: Bumbu Rum, Villon + Luc Belaire Gold

When it’s frosty and cold outside and you want conviviality and relaxation, this trio will impart a warm glow. And since each dominates its own realm of wonderfulness and quality, you can savor all three or choose which ones best suit your taste.

Bumbu Rum
If you love a smooth, rich, flavorful rum with multiple notes, then this is the rum for you. Widely adored for its banana, Madagascar vanilla, chocolate, soft caramel, toasted oak, allspice, roasted nuts, and cinnamon flavor notes, Bumbu Rum is artfully distilled in Barbados. Lil Wayne is a huge fan of this all-natural craft rum, which is aged up to 15 years in small batches. The banana-vanilla forward flavor means that you can drink this on the rocks or neat because it’s so delicious on its own. And of course, you can mix it with practically anything. Enjoy experimenting! Read more and order at https://www.bumbu.com/.

Villon is handcrafted in breathtaking Southwestern France with a traditional, time-tested, small-batch process, and is made from fine VSOP Cognac and XO Cognac, exquisite spirits distilled from French wheat, and natural flavors. It’s very smooth, balanced, and complex, with luxurious aromas of vanilla, spice, and toasted oak. Villon can be served neat, over ice, or as the foundation for a unique cocktail. Its black glass bottle is eye-catching for your collection, too. This is a spirit that lingers for hours, and is ideal for sipping in front of a fireplace, apres-ski. Order it here or at select liquor stores.

Luc Belaire Gold
This sparkling white wine is vivacious and will definitely lift your spirits when celebrating a milestone or simply enjoying brunch or an evening cocktail. Luc Belaire Gold is an elegant cuvee, crafted in the heart of Burgundy from a blend of handpicked Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. It’s well-balanced, with aromas of stone fruits, ripe pear, and brioche. Tropical notes of mango sparkle through and it has a light, dry finish. Pair it with seafood, grilled veggies, poultry, fruit, cheese and crackers, and mix with juice for brunch. It stands alone or is easily paired. Find this versatile bubbly here, and raise your glass to spring on the horizon.