Spring Wines & Spirits

When the weather turns temperate, savoring wine & cocktails al fresco is the most alluring option, so we’ve rounded up some suggestions for wine, tequila and sangria that will pay fitting tribute to the season of blossoms.

Alacran Cristal Image

Alacran Cristal Tequila is an ultra-premium tequila with a distinct and pure taste, harvested from Jalisco agaves that have been aged 7 to 10 years, then matured for more than a year in oak barrels. It imparts the slightest hint of vanilla. Perfect for smooth, flavorful Margaritas and Greyhounds, or the retro-inspired Tequila Sunrise. Find it at the most luxe clubs and restaurants, as well as at http://www.autenticoalacran.com (on social media: @AlacranNYC).


If you’re more a wine and sangria person than a cocktail aficionado, you’ll appreciate Sant’ Arturo Chianti Riserva and Sant’ Arturo Pinot Noir wines, which are sourced from a small Tuscan producer and feature high quality grapes for a rich flavor. The deep ruby red Chianti has a fruity aroma and blueberry and cherry notes; full bodied and smooth, it pairs well with robust food flavors. The versatile Pinot Noir is luscious and balanced, and is ideal with salmon, chicken, lamb and Japanese cuisine. It’s complex and bold, and has an appealing fruity signature. Both wines are surprisingly affordable: http://www.santarturowines.com.


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