“Staycation” NYC – Part I: Menus


We live in the greatest city of the U.S. A place that so many people have worked incredibly hard to get to, save so long to visit and pay so much to live in only the smallest of square feet. Yet, it amazes me how often I hear how people cannot wait to get out of the city. Maybe they all need a staycation. Surely you’ve heard of it by now. All of the travel mags are boasting about them and with our economy on the brink, it’s a great way to save your hard earned dollars. Think of it as a vacation in your own city, but rather than telling you the same ol’ stuff about hiking it up to the top of Lady Liberty, I’ve scouted out must-dos for your staycation where you’ll be far from the “I Heart NY” and fanny pack crowd.

Foods of New York Tour

While I’m the first turn my nose up at any sort of guided tour, the good people at the Foods of New York are made up of passionate New Yorkers who do 3-hour walking tours of various Manhattan neighborhoods that focus solely on food. It’s hard to argue with such a concept. I chose the original Greenwich Village Tour and my guide, Christian, filled my brain with completely fascinating knowledge of the history of this glorious city, and my belly with the extraordinary foods of this predominantly Italian neighborhood. By the time we’d paid homage to Murray’s Cheese, Joe’s Pizza, Rocco’s, O&Co, Milk and Cookies, Faicco’s Pork Store, to name my favorites, I was sold and can’t wait to take the Chinatown and Soho tour that they offer. I’ve since told every tourist and New Yorker that I know about this company. Come with an appetite and your fat pants.

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Hi Anne,
Nice feature. I hope you can come out some weekend. I just had an on line write up in Sherman travel.