Support NYC’s Black-Owned Businesses

Whether you’re savoring delectable ice-cream at Mikey Likes It in the East Village (they sell apparel too: ) or ordering in for dinner, or going out for dinner, or buying clothes or books or investing in start-ups, here are some ways to support black-owned businesses in New York City:

Byas + Leon




Greedi + Vegan

Credit: Black Owned

Here are two lists of Black-owned restaurants across NYC HERE and HERE — and the eatOkra app enables you to quickly find restaurants in your neighborhood.

Kafe + Louverture

Credit: Black Owned



A list of Black-owned bookstores still operating through the pandemic for online orders and shipping.


Here is the largest directory of Black-owned businesses from Official Black Wall Street.

Black-Owned Brooklyn:

And last-but-not-least is: Black-Owned Brooklyn, a guide to Black Brooklyn’s incredible places and products. Their Instagram is @blackownedbklyn. This digital publication is dedicated to spotlighting black-owned businesses and life in Brooklyn through story and stunning photography, so check it out.

Shop local and support NYC’s black community at the same time.