Sushi Roxx: The Tuscany Hotel Hosts a New Dinner/Show



The people who brought us Pop Roxx have headed a little east (Park Avenue) and culturally in every sense of the word. Sushi Roxx is a club/restaurant in the rathskeller of The Tuscany Hotel on 39th Street between Park and Lex.

This new addition to club dining serves up tasty sushi rolls and traditional Japanese dishes by Sushi Chef Edwin Purnomo, but the twist is they are presented by a staff of talented singers and dancers; picture a dining den filled with disco balls, colorful projections, a nightly DJ and a myriad of technology that stimulates the senses. It’s a festive place and I predict there will be droves of birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette bacchanalia and hotel tourists invading the space in the near future.


I met up with the talented dancer, singer and previous member of The Pussycat Dolls, Asia Nitollano.

BN: How did you get involved in Sushi Roxx?

AN: “I’ve worked with Jason Apfelbaum (CEO) and members of the team before and they asked me to choreograph the show and direct. I wasn’t sure what I was getting in to but I was up for the challenge.”

BN: What can guests expect to see and hear?

AN: “It’s a modernized diner show: a spectacle with sushi.”

BN: What inspired your choreography?

AN: “I picked current songs that are popular for a broad audience but I didn’t want anything too cheesy. I made my decision over songs that people would like while dining. There is a lot of versatility and it’s not repetitive pop songs. We do Latin, African, hip hop, jazz and more.”

BN: How many seatings are there?

AN: “Right now we are doing two shows per night and the performances will change every three months.”

The staff is not only talented but also professional and very well trained. The cuisine and service are on par with their performances that take place every fifteen minutes. The room is electrified with a DJ and digital walls and pillars much like a Japanese pinball machine.

Cocktails: I recommend the Kung Fu Hussle, made with Absolut Vodka, Cucumber, Thyme, Lime and Sparkling Water. Refreshing.


For dinner try the Spicy Kani Salad that combines cucumber with Tobiko and aioli dressing — it’s not too spicy but there is a lot of crunch. The Rock Shrimp Tempura was equally tasty and perfectly fried to a crisp and served with sesame seeds and aioli. The Surf & Turf Roll is also a major contender made with shrimp tempura, snow crab, filet mignon, avocado and yugo miso. Delicious. The Filet Mignon with baby carrots and ginger soy glaze was tasty but we had a few cold pieces during our visit in the opening week.

Save room for the Sticky Toffee Cupcake. This gooey, sweet and warm dessert is sublime!

You never know which celebrity will show up at Sushi Roxx. Most recently there have been sightings from cast members of Glee and Desperate Housewives…

A dance party is almost guaranteed.

The Tuscany Hotel
120 East 39th Street
New York, NY


Photos: Andrew Fitzsimons and Andrew Warner.

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