Take A Walk On The Wild Side With Bold Makeup Looks

Not every runway this Fashion Week was filled with dewy-faced, coral-lipped Spring beauties. Many makeup artists chose not to play it safe and instead reached for bold, non-traditional colors, continuing the trend of modernized takes on 1980s looks.

At Alexandre Herchcovitch, Gordon Espinet for M.A.C. created a look that was all about coordination. Remember the rule don’t ever match your lipstick to your nail color? Well, not only was that rule thrown out the window here, but lipstick was matched to nail color, which was matched to shoes and sunglasses. That’s right! Models sported lips and nails and shoes and shades in shades of blue, red, green, orange, silver and black. And I’ve got to say, it looked pretty cool.

The face was kept clean with just a light touch of mascara so that the lipstick really popped. The lip color was done with M.A.C.’s new Chromagraphic Pencil, topped with a Vitamin E stick, so that the pout was satiny but not glossy. Pattie Yankee for Dashing Diva created custom blended nail polish shades to perfectly match the lips.

At Jason Wu, Lucia Pieroni for M.A.C. created a fresh-faced look with a bold, dramatic metallic eye. Eye pigment in Golden Lemon was applied wet to the eyelid. M.A.C. Pro Pigment in white was put into the center of the eyelid and covered in gold glitter. Lips and nails were kept neutral and ladylike so that the bold eye was the centerpiece. Absolutely stunning.

At L.A.M.B., Charlotte Willer for Maybelline, created a makeup look to go along with the collections theme of “Tribal Punk”. Again, the look focused on a dramatic metallic eye. Maybelline’s Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eye Shadow in Give Me Gold was applied to the entire lid. A sharp, extended line of black liner was used on the lower lid for even further dramatic effect.

Angi Wingle for CND, created a custom blend nail color, consisting of CND shades, Ink Well, Anchor Blue and Studio White. Speedy Top Coat was added into the mix so that the polish dried with the look of patent leather. The color was reminiscent of Van Gogh’s Starry Night and was applied to the fingernails as well as the toes.

Speaking of toenails, there is one more look I’d like to point out to you. Bright yellow toes at Betsey Johnson, created by Nonie Creme for Butter London. I wouldn’t have believed that yellow would work for the feet but this shade reminds me of a yummy lemon sorbet. Simply spring/summer and simply refreshing.

So go ahead, break the rules and have a little fun with your makeup looks from time to time. It’s a quick, easy and inexpensive way to really intensify your look for an evening without committing to anything over the top (like that mohawk you’ve always been wondering if you could pull off).

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