Taking St. Patrick’s Day to the Kitchen

If you’re looking for an evening of controlled chaos on St. Patrick’s Day then step away from the green food coloring and the “Kiss me I’m Irish!” shirts, I promise the celebration is perfectly feasible without the two. Hosting the soiree at home rather than bar crawling, can keep the festivities under control while you and your friends enjoy an evening of some traditional Irish grub.

On the menu we’re featuring corned beef and cabbage, whole wheat Irish soda bread and a faux reuben casserole for your vegetarian friends. All recipes have been modified to reflect more bikini friendly ingredients so you can balance out calories between your beer and food consumption.

First up is the traditional Irish meal of Corned Beef and Cabbage. This particular recipe comes from a true Irishman who just happens to be a chef that enjoys cooking with healthy and fresh ingredients. Oh and he’s got a dreamy accent too.


Next, bake some delicious Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread. At only 165 calories per slice it’s perfect for soaking up the booze in your belly.


Lastly, for your vegetarian friends try a Reuben Casserole, fully equipped with fake bacon and loads of cabbage and potatoes.


If you haven’t got a drop of Irish blood in your veins and worry that taking on a true Irish meal may not turn out so great, don’t sweat it! After a few Guinness’ a piece nobody will care what anything tastes like, they’ll just want to eat!

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