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It was until just last year that lingerie was snubbed when it came to the world of award shows. I’m not sure why when Jessica Simpson is dropping self-confessed G’s on LePerla and pole dancing has become the next work-out for stay-at-home moms, this industry is thriving more than ever. And so it goes– the Academy Awards for the movies, the Emmys for TV and now, even the world of Porn has the Vivid girls breathlessly thanking their co-workers for all of their um, hard work. Designers have catwalked their lines down a runway for decades, and now, thanks to Contours International, lingerie has been given its proper accolades and honored what goes underneath those lovely fashions at the second annual CILA awards show Monday, August 7th at the Waldorf Astoria.

The swanky affair began with a cocktail hour, followed by dinner in the Grand Ballroom. The runway show started just as dessert was being served and, needless to say, there’s nothing like a 5 foot 11 model in a g-string to make you push that petit four back just a tad farther.

Not only were these ladies lovely, they were clad, albeit scantily, in gorgeous lingerie. I must point out in defense to my prior comment, that CILA took careful selection in using “real” women. Gisele may have been booked for the evening but seeing women of all shapes and sizes proudly prancing down the runway in their undergarments was quite refreshing. An award show followed and categories such as best t-shirt bra, nightwear, seamless, bridal (very Madonna-esque, circa 87) to name a few of the 16 categories.

Aside from the stunning designer lingerie collections, I loved the “shapewear-functional”, a.k.a, something you wouldn’t be caught dead in on that “third” date, category that was made to look sexy and glamorous. Who knew that slapping a girdle on a beautiful model, accessorizing her with nothing but angel wings, glitter and a mask could look so sexy? Maybe my next Spanx night will be less Bridget Jones and more Sexy-Masquerade Vixen. It was inspirational none-the-less.

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kate hunt

well, naturally…great lingerie should be a right as well as a rite of passage.


Would love to know what won best t-shirt bra? Still looking!


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