Taurus Wine + Dine at Society Cafe

After a cat nap and hour of primping at my lavish room at the Walker Hotel (read my review on it here) in Tribeca I took a ride over to their Society Cafe, located at the Walker Hotel in Greenwich Village, for a sensational dinner oriented around the sign of Taurus. I happen to have a Taurus stellium with the sign shining bright as my sun. My hopes were high for this dinner as I descended the twinkling stairwell, greeted by a jazzy duo singing in the corner and trays of a rosy pink cocktails being circulated. The hostess handed me one of the petite cocktails, aptly called the Raging Bull.

“It’s a combination of scotch, pomegranate, lemon, and a touch of mint,” she described as I took my first sip. I’m usually not a drinker but when in Taurus season, how could I pass it up? Raging Bull was remarkably smooth to sip with a Libran balance between the robust, acidic, herbal, and sweet flavors. It didn’t take long for me to feel the warm and earthly effects of the Raging Bull. As guests trickled in, there was a tarot reader who was giving readings. After a few guests ahead of me had their fortune read, I went over, greeted by her sparkling crystals and warm smile. She asked what I wanted my reading to be focused on. I decided on a general reading as she shuffled her deck. What happened next felt like a mystical blur of insights that I’ll keep close to my heart for this Taurus season.

Afterwards I headed over to the dining room. The Astrology Dinner was sectioned off from the main area of the restaurant, creating a cozy allurement as I was guided to my seat by a server. “For this evening we are offering two drinks: Raging Bull or Life’s Little Pleasures, our mocktail,” he said as I took my seat.

“Life’s Little Pleasures, why not?” I announced. From the name alone, it sounded heavenly.

On my plate was a small token of Taurus season: a nugget of green aventurine, known as the stone of opportunity.

I put the gemstone in my pocket as I explored the table, which also contained a box of incense (frankincense and sandalwood scented), tarot cards, and a Taurus perfume. The host from earlier came over, asking if it was my birthday season (it was). She handed me a small book all about Taurus. I thanked her as I started flipping through the pages. From love, work, family… this would have to be for bedtime reading, I figured, as my drink appeared. Before my first taste, everything grew quiet. A man in a chef’s outfit walked out.

“Welcome all and Happy Taurus season!” The man introduced himself as Chef Nicholas McCann (who I would later learn is a triple Pisces) and he would be guiding us through this multi-course meal. “I’ll be introducing each course and everything is listed on tonight’s menu.”

“In front of some of you is Life’s Little Pleasures, our signature mocktail of the season, made with local Hudson Valley strawberries for the syrup and in-house crafted mint-infused soda.”

At that moment I had to taste Life’s Little Pleasures, and that it was. The juicy strawberry had an intoxicating blend of saccharine and sour with a herbal effervescence from the soda. Though it was alcohol-free, I paced myself. After all, a night celebrating Taurus must be savored, sip by sip.

The first tasting (or as chef refers to, the Amuse) was New Harvest. A spoonful of tuna tartare, pomegranate seeds, green strawberries, and a nori tuile. The tuna was fresh to the taste, reminiscent of a sushi-grade fish and the shade of tropical coral. The pomegranate seeds, the fruit of spring (thanks Persephone) added a pleasant acidic bite in combination with the tart strawberries. I nibbled on the mixture and followed up with the nori tuile, which gave a satisfying salty finish to the Amuse. My palette was ready for the next course, and soon enough there it was.

Out of the Ash Comes a New Leaf was placed in front of me. Chef remarked on the birth of this dish. They sourced the very best Swiss cheese, used local ingredients, and kept in mind all the Taurean qualities (the cheese wheel even had a bull on it!). The rosemary wafted to my nose, imbuing the dish with a sense of new life and the budding of spring. The figs (one of my favorite fruits) sat like jewels in the pool of aromatic Jasper Hill Triple Cream Cheese. I picked up the homemade cracker to spoon the luscious spread onto, taking a delicate bite, hoping to keep everything in one piece. Alas, it broke apart into the dish and I was left to spoon it into my mouth. I couldn’t complain, though: the flavors mingled together so well in my mouth. The cheese was rich and creamy, the figs added a caramelized sweetness, and all was balanced out by the rosemary oil. Out of the Ash Comes a New Leaf is fondue fit for the Gods.

I was halfway through the evening and so far, I dined on nibbles that made my Taurus taste buds pleased. It was time, though, for the main attraction: the entree. On the menu was Spring Offerings, comprised of grilled beef cheek, smoked potato, asparagus, ramps, and a dash of rosemary. Intriguing, but I had my sights set on something a bit more green: the Spring Vegetable Lasagna, a gluten-free noodle with a garden-fresh green herb filling and gooey cheese. The greens consisted of asparagus, artichoke, and caramelized onions. If all vegetables were prepared in a thoughtful way such as this, there would be no trouble getting people to love veggies. The sauce the lasagna was nested in was a puree of fava beans and green peas. Light, refreshing, yet decadent and full body… this little bull was in a state of bliss.

Chef came over to each table to check in. This is when he revealed he was a triple Pisces, who’s been cooking since he was fourteen and has been a pro longer than I’ve been alive. “Chef, this meal, thus far is Taurus-approved,” I let him know before he headed out to get dessert.

Though the night was still young, the dessert was on its way. A youthful nod to the playful nature of Taurus (I know we’re stubborn and hard working but we enjoy our days in the sun with a little joie de vivre). The Dirt Candy cup is a play on a flower pot, and the base contained a dark chocolate pudding, pieces of fig, and a strawberry covered in cocoa powder, topped with a white chocolate leaf and rose petals. Unassuming yet epicurean in nature, the layers of chocolate with fruit are a stunning combination. At this point I was fully sated by this astrological dinner. I gathered my gifts, tipped the staff, and hailed my cab downtown. As soon I kicked off my heels, I sank into the plush bed for some much needed beauty sleep. I mean, after a meal like that, who won’t want to just veg out… especially a Taurus.

Check out Society Cafe for the rest of the astrological signs and their gorgeous dinners. Up next is my neighbor in the air, Gemini. Book your reservation here. Happy eating!

Xoxo – Taurus