Team Toi Proves To Be A Tour de Force

Photos by Therese McKeon

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Last night fashion designer Zang Toi hosted friends and clients alike for a fashion show-concert-charity event at BoConcepts on Madison Avenue. Patrons paid up to $1000 per ticket to raise funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which helps unite and support people in our collective fight against the deadly disease. The inimitable Patti Labelle treated attendees to a mini-concert in a Zang Toi confection of her own (and a stunning necklace that she said was an anniversary gift from her husband). Noted personality “Lady Bunny” served as the DJ for the evening.

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All cosmetics were donated by Victoria’s Secret, whose makeup artists enhanced eyes with bright splashes of greens and yellows, with heavy liner and neutral lips. The look was spring-like fresh, and very lady-like. Hair styled and conceptualized by Eiji was crimped and put up in wraps and buns that evoked images of 19th century courtesans, with whispy pieces trailing behind the statuesque models as they floated across the amazing silk backdrop.

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The clothing was amazing, as expected. Laden with spring references in pastels, beautifully paired silk patterns and these amazing giant flowers, the statement throughout the show was women can be strong and sexy while maintaining their fluid femininity. Zang Toi, we love you!


To close the evening Patti Labelle sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow and she and Toi embraced. Ms. Labelle has lost three sisters to cancer and gave an impassioned plea for donations. The evening, including a silent auction, raised nearly $200,000 for the foundation. To participate by making a donation of your own, log on to


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