Ladies, I’ll tell you what, when it comes to coercing our men into dressing like dandies, it ain’t always easy. That is, unless he’s particularly fashion-forward which is possible (although not probable) in this day-and-age of meterosexual-alpha-male-creatures wriggling about. Granted, there are some pretty stylie dudes living and breathing out there – I’ve seen them passing in the night. But it’s definitely not all peaches and cream when it comes to our men being on par with our own highbrow taste sensibilities. Some of the men in our lives definitely ride a twinge behind the design curve. But it’s okay cause hey, that’s what we’re here for, us trend-conscious women of the world – to nudge our men folk into becoming the arm-pieces we always envisioned they’d be – be they husbands, lovers or brothers.


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The grand opening of the GUY FELER STORE is our Faberge golden egg opportunity to beautify our hunnies to look all dapper and fine (of course, there are some luxe goodies for us, too – trust!). This exclusive, brand-spanking-new appointment-only store is all up and coming designers and progressive aesthetics. The store’s centerpiece is its namesake collection, a new sophisticate twist on old-school hip-hop style, re-imagined and smartly refined for both form and function. Gorgeous silk ties (with patented square bottoms) constitute the ‘welcome to’ the collection. Then, with the addition last fall of unisex scarves, hats for winter, silk scarves for this spring, and then bowties for the upcoming fall, the collection keeps expanding along the cutting-edge of trend. A conservative, neo-classical brand, the Guy Feler Collection will elicit equally strong reactions in the boardroom, recording studio and out on the town. For the man who requires truly seamless day-to-night fashion metamorphosis, this brand is sure to become king.


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And for ourselves ladies, since we can’t be all altruistic all the time, come check out some stunning sidecar collections, including COLIN HOULDER’S foxy array of hand-dyed silk scarves, shirts and skirts – perfect to put you in that ‘vamos a la playa’ mood (www.colinhoulder.com).

And throw some love in the direction of PH BY PHILLIA (www.phbyphillia.com), rocking out the fab hip-hop-girlie style, with a polished, chic edge. Also be sure to check out hot accessories by RED LIPSTICK and other guest designers. So come on half-way-down to midtown and explore Guy Feler, the unlikely location sure to become a fashion destination – successfully transforming kicked-back hip-hop aesthetic into all-grown-up fetching fashion for urbane men and women of intellect, adventure, and action. It’s you, baby – yes you!

Guy Feler Collection
By Appointment Only: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, 12-9pm
Call: (347) 413-2928 to schedule

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I had a chance to meet GuyFeler in Dallas in 2006. The collection is great and all the young people there at Fashion show even were amazed by it. Hope they have more unisex stuff in their collection.



We love your products in Dallas. You should come down here more often for fashion shows too you know. We’re not that country…. ah,ah.

Look forward to seeing you next time.

Troy Clark

GuyFeler really represent in Dallas early this year. the guys loved the ties and look foward to see you come back soon.


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