The Beauty of Borghese, Closer to Home than Rome

The Borghese museum and gardens on the outskirts of the Italian capital house many priceless works of art. The Borghese skincare and beauty line, based right here in New York, aims to nurture that same sense of beauty in the women of today. This Saturday, Borghese is offering an exclusive event at the Bloomingdale’s on 59th St. to bring together important elements of every woman’s beauty regiment. Every woman I know relishes the chance to go to the beauty section of a department store and get her make-up done – with it comes a sense of escapism and fantasy, as if for twenty minutes we know exactly what it feels like to be a glamorous star. Borghese is willing to take this feeling we all look for a step further.

The appointment begins with a choice of two facials: the first, the “Brighten Up,” buffers away dead, dull skin to rejuvenate the face, the second “Bellizia Viso” (so much prettier in the Italian!), hydrates dry, winter tarnished skin. After the facial, guests are subject to a full make-up application while they munch and sip on refreshments. Finally, each customer walks away with a gift bag of Borghese products, so that they can continue the pampering at home.

What: Borghese Facial and Makeover Event ($75 worth of product gets you a facial, hand massage, makeover, card
reading, refreshments and gift with purchase)
When: Saturday, January 24th, appointments running from 10 am – 6 pm. Call Borghese at 212.705.2885
Where: The beauty department at Bloomingdale’s (59th street between Lexington and 3rd Avenues)

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