It aint easy being a pleaser, that’s fo’shore. I think you hear what I’m saying. And you girls know I had a haggard one last night. That is, if you came to our fabulous party you know it. But there are some splendid events up-coming that are just too grand not to shout about. Call it a compulsion, I don’t care. So City Pulse simply [i]had[/i] to do a bonus mailing this week ’cause of Father’s Day and all. There was just no way around it. So, I’ll make this brief and to the point. Here are the two events that I just must dial into your fashionista radar…

[b]SHOP OPERA![/b]

Oh, you know I’m so totally into this… anything pertaining to a pastime where actors simultaneously weep and sing so tragically tops off my list of must-do’s in any time zone. Cause by now you know I’m haughty like that. Really, Meisner has nothing on these opera divas. Which is why it’s so hot that CITY OPERA THRIFT SHOP is throwing DIVAS SHOP FOR OPERA, a shopping event to benefit New York City Opera’s Costume Department. And for yours truly, who was a cardboard robot-loser three Halloweens in a row, this to-do is practically compulsory. This year’s affair will be held at INDUSTRIA SUPERSTUDIOS on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21ST from 6 – 10pm, and co-chaired by stylist and designer Patricia Field, City Opera Board Member, Alexandra of Greece and Elle Magazine’s, Anne Slowey. Oh yah, the real life divas who make it all happen.

Ok, I’m going to give you the list of donors now. I’m trying to prepare you ahead of time for the utter fabulousness about to unfold and I really don’t fancy seeing you head-to-forehead drama queen tip sideways onto the fainting couch. It just seems overly dramatic. Deal?
[/center] Isn’t she fierce? Anyhoo… come on out and rock lobster to the opera aria of apparel and accessories donated by (among others): Giorgio Armani, Manola Blahnik, Bill Blass, Burberry, Celine, Chanel, Emma Cook. I know, you could just lap it up with a spoon…
[/center] And the list goes on… Charles Chiang Lima, Christian Dior, Pesavento Couture. Wait, couture mannequins? Do you love it? Do you love it?! Then sing it!
[/center] Gucci, Hermes, John Hardy, Carolina Herrera, Sylvia Heisel, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Helmut Lang, Christian LaCroix, Nanette Lapore, Judith Leiber. I mean hot damn, these dummies are better dressed than I am!
[/center] Max Mara, Nicole Miller, Thierry Mugler, Zac Posen, Prada, Pucci, Rapunzel’s Closet, Sergio Rossi, Jill Sander, Yves St. Laurent, Anna Sui, Spoylt, Tuhel. Uh yah, I told you. Breathe, breathe.
[/center] Oh and I almost forgot, cocktails to sip while you browse the rows of new and vintage duds. Are you just in hog heaven? I thought as much. So show your pretty puddin’ face and rock ‘n shop until you’ve either maxed out the gold card, or you’re ready to plotz.

[b]DIVAS SHOP FOR OPERA[/b] Tickets purchase or invites: 212 870-4018
or email:
Wednesday, June 21st
Industria Superstudio (Studio 10)
356 West 12th Street


And for my next magic trick, ladies, treat yourselves to something sweet while the dudes are busy returning those lame ties their mums bought them for Father’s Day. Come tango with one of my absolute favorite things… the perfect plush combination of savory substances rolled into one flawless little treasure. The WINE AND CHOCOLATE MATCHUP is assured to leave you breathless. Brought to you by WEEKLY CRUSH (website for the wine connoisseur) and MARIBELLE SWEETS (chocolatier to the jetset just too slammed this week to jump on their private skiff to the Alps).
[/center] Ooooh…ode to the stupendous pairing of blissful eats. The melt-in-my-mouth marriage of equal and opposites, creating the perfect synergy between opposing forces. Firing and electrifying my ‘to die for’ synapses. Yah, it’s that decadent. No really, you know it’s absolute poetry when the right combination of chocolate and wine mixes on your tongue. You could just say a prayer and float up to heaven. Or at least down to Soho on June 21st from 7:00-8:30 to learn from the splendeferous team of Nicole Gammino and Kate Lushpenko about different theories of pairing together chocolate and wine. And the best part is that you get to sample them all to find the perfect match (think Patsy and Adina at the wine tasting).
[/center] Not too much into kayaking? Hate the sun? Well then a chocolate and wine adventure is right up your foodie alley. These chocolates are so gorgeous you could just throw them on with a floppy hat and a flash pair of shades and be on your stylie way. Trust the voice of the City Pulse, o-yah, it’s that lush.
[/center] [b]WINE AND CHOCOLATE MATCHUP[/b] June 21st, 7-8:30
MarieBelle’s Cacao Bar
484 Broome Street

To reserve your seat:
call Nicole: (917) 502-0019, or Kate: (866) 925-8800, ext. 101


[b]STYLE AND SUBSTANCE[/b] By Stef Schwalb
[/center] [center]
[/center] I’m a big believer in karma. I’m quite sure that what comes around always goes around, which can be a pretty sweet deal – especially when you’re indulging in something plush (yes, please) that also supports a great cause (talk to me, daddy): like getting a bombastic haircut. If you’re all for that (do I even have to ask?) then listen up, lovely readers, because here’s a cannot-miss (why would you miss it?) opportunity. Our good pals at REDKEN are throwing a hair party of sorts, an all-day CUT-A-THON with their superstar stylists on hand to cut and fluff some charitable donors’ frazzled crops into super stylie dazzling ‘dos (minimum $25 donation to AMERICA’S SECOND HARVEST’s campaign to end hunger). This closely cropped event takes place on JUNE 23rd from 8am to 4pm at the REDKEN EXCHANGE on Fifth Avenue, in proud partnership with BCAUSE (a nonprofit organization advancing charitable causes of salon industry professionals). You’ll feel fully satisfied flaunting your ferocious-new-do knowing that all proceeds go directly to the charity. This is an awesome way to do some karmic good and get a fab look you’ll love for summer at a simply savory price point (both karma and cash!).

The hottest (of the hot) commodity at the Cut-A-Thon, which will be at your well-heeled disposal, is personal hair-time with Redken coif-artists from all around the country, lending you the benefit of their Edward Scissorhands magic touch. Here’s a partial list of some of the hottie-tottie stylists who will be creating the strands you’ll savor for summer: Noah Hatton, an editorial stylist, working his mojo at the Esteban Cortazar shows the past two seasons; Josh Marquette, a stylist, who made some serious mane music for the hit Broadway show, “Mamma Mia”; Brian Renfro, a stylist for the “The View’s” V.I.P.’s; Sam Leonardi, an editorial and session artist, working with numerous top fashion mags; Giovanni Giuntoli, an editorial session artist, making beautiful ‘dos backstage at NY Fashion Week; Ramie Roth, an editorial and session artist, who styled the “Twinkle” show full of lustrous locks; and Tyler Elizabeth Graee, a stylist, who coifs muchos cool musicians, and worked several one-hit wonders on the A&E series “Breakfast of the Arts.”

Psyched-up and ready to play? Well then take that beautiful head of hair (mayhaps needing a slight trim around the edges, if you don’t mind my saying so) on over to Redken’s Cut-A-Thon and get ready for your close-up, Mz. Monroe. Sign up at the RECEPTION AREA (spaces on a first come, first serve basis). When your name is called, make your donation and prepare yourself to be wowed with a rockin’ new do-gooder’s ‘do, the best kind of style there is.

[b]Redken Cut-A-Thon[/b] June 23rd – 8am to 4pm
Redken Exchange On Fifth Avenue
Enter through Redken Gallerie & up to 2nd Floor

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